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  1. I bought most campaigns in DCS, but the one is the first time I give up so much it lacks immersion. Pay for this work, when we see the level of the dynamic "Liberation" campaign, which is free, it is up to him that we should do donations for his work. For me, this campaign has no future of how it is built. I do not like evil, but I paid and I'm not happy at all.
  2. yes, I just saw in the forum that there is a problem on the ATFLIR pod in Point Track. more than to wait for an update.
  3. Hi, Mission 4. It's impossible to lock the boats in movement witn ATFLIR. No difficulty to find them with radar in SEA MODE, but I tried everything to lock with IR function but nothing makes there !!!!!! I created a mission to prove if lock a boat in movement worked, and this walks well, but not in this mission.
  4. Hi, I love the work of Baltic, i bought most of his campaigns and i was rarely disappointed. For this one, when i learned this campagne was dynamic, i didn't hesitate for a second. I Fly regularly on Liberation campaign, a free work, and impressive in its complexity. i'm very disappointed to have paid for an unfinished job and that has my taste doesn't have much dynamic. the managment of the various flights breaks the rhythm in flight, too many scripts, so not so dynamic. the management of IA is really laborious, and it wasn't supposed to be in the middle of flyi
  5. Hi, Is It possible to start mission in cold start ?
  6. Hi, I'm very happy to fly this campagne, but in mission 5, I can't find the solution to prevent my leader from getting shot over Iran by a sukoi. Can you give me a clue?
  7. Hi, I installed the FA-18c Dynamic Campaign on my Openbeta installation, I apply all modifications. But I can't fly, I stay on MAP and see the difference package fly to targets. My fly is delay. When I end the mission, I have the debriefing page, and I generate a new mission, but always the same problem, I stay on MAP. Have you a solution ? THX.
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