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  1. FYI, hasTask always returns true even when the task wasn't set correctly (at least when sending a FireAtPoint task to an MLRS M270). The fix for this seems to be to call setTask with a 1 second wait time.
  2. Hi all, Is it possible to host a DCS dedicated server on a VM? e.g. Windows Azure or AWS I tried this, and while I could get the server to start (by uploading a config from my PC's non-dedicated server), I couldn't connect using the WebGUI. I could however connect with DCS (i.e. the game) from my PC, but could not un-pause because I wasn't an admin. Does anyone know how to get the WebGUI to work? It simply says "Cannot connect" or something like that. I checked using Process Explorer, and the WebGUI port was open and listening. I disabled the firewall just in case that was blocking it, but no luck there. Thanks, Nick
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