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  1. I think you may be right. Strange though because it was working before and I didn't change my mappings. Anyway I edited my mappings now and will re-test.
  2. If I go through the regular radio menu, yes, it works
  3. I don't know what the heck is up with my VAICOM but recently it changed its behaviour. Previously supercarrier comms were working fine but in the last couple of days it has started sending messages to Krymsk instead of the carrier. I've been using the F-14B Instant Action Caucasus Carrier Quals mission with realistic radio comms. By default in this mission the radio is set to 225.000MHz, TACAN to 74X and ICLS to channel 1 which is all correct. I say "Washington, Inbound" and according to VoiceAttack it recognised this: TX1 | VHF AM: [ CVN-73 George Washington ] , [ Inbound ] Yet
  4. My 2c based on my experiences with mission designing recently: When creating training exercise scenarios such as NTTR based missions you need Nellis to be able to host aircraft from both sides. As it stands with a blue or red ownership both red and blue AI aircraft can takeoff from Nellis but only one side can land. With Neutral ownership, both sides can takeoff and now both sides can land. HOWEVER, the problem with neutral ownership is with aircraft requiring ground support to operate such as the F-5E which requires the crew chief menu to provide ground power and air to be started by
  5. I think this mission works because Nellis is neutral. In my situation though this cannot work because the F-5E requires ground power and air to start the engines meaning that to fly as a red aggressor at a blue airbase you simply won't be able to start the aircraft. I'm testing making Nellis a contested airbase by putting both blue and red AI aircraft parked on the aprons. I wish they would allow the feature to be controlled by mission designers like a tickbox in the airbase coalition settings to allow aircraft from other coalitions to use the facilities such as crew chief etc. Or al
  6. *BUMP* Anyone? I am really stuck on my mission. I have red-team aggressors taking off from Nellis with their blue-team opponents, fighting and then RTB except the red-team get to the final waypoint and turn around and fly away because Nellis is a blue airbase. I can make it Neutral but then the human player on blue team can't take off because the crew-chief is not available to provide ground power and air.
  7. Thanks Shagrat. I think the time since option sounds better since I am setting a flag on hit detected. I tested it and it works a treat
  8. Hi, I have a set of triggers set up to automate a bunch of AIs in a Top Gun style training dogfight scenario whereby when both flights check in at their start points they all have trigger actions to become immortal and weapons free. This allows them to fire at each other without damage and a trigger on "first blood" based on a hit event handler executes a "knock it off" where the trigger actions are reversed to weapons hold. I also have functionality in there to implement a hard deck. However, I keep finding that in the engagement units are mysteriously getting blown out of the sky as
  9. Hi, I am having an issue with a mission based at Nellis which is set as blue with red aggressors and blue opponents both taking off from Nellis but red air, even though the waypoints are set to land at Nellis, are landing at Groom Lake which is set as red air. I need Nellis to be blue otherwise crew chief functionality doesn't work and I can't start the aircraft without that (F-5E) How can I change that behaviour so they red air units return to Nellis correctly?
  10. Tried AI task push method also. I will test a blue unit transmitting and see if I receive it. The good news is my hit event handler works now that I realised that the template I based my mission on includes MOOSE and that changes how event handlers work.
  11. Hi ChillNG, as I said in my post: "with a radio sound and subtitles" :smilewink: I used just a radio sound sample to get attention to the fact a message had been transmitted. None of it works though
  12. Hi, I have been tearing my hair out trying to get a mission with radio comms happening using the Advanced Waypoint commands to set frequency and to transmit message as well as setting triggered actions. I have both blue and red aggressor teams taking off from Nellis (blue as player F-5E is blue and without that the F8 ground crew menu won't work). Here is what I did: On Red aggressor AI flight waypoint 0 Set advanced waypoint 0: 1) Added command to Set Frequency to 327000 (Nellis Tower) 2) Added command to Transmit message requesting clearance as if talking to clearance delivery.
  13. *BUMP* I've also tried to get this to work with no success. I set up a once trigger with a condition time more than 30s and a do script which had the lua within it and it did not execute. I added a putText action in to the script so it would notify if a hit occurs and I never see it. In fact, I put a putText action at the beginning of the lua code above to say it was executing the lua and that never printed either. Only if I put the ONLY code in the do script being a putText saying "test" did it execute. So the issue is the lua somehow. Even though the putText is above the code prov
  14. If you are given a radial 287 23nm and you are 15nm from the carrier first set up the TACAN, turn on TACAN mode on your HSI and change CSEL to 287 degrees radial. Now you can see the radial from the TACAN climb to the marshall height and set autopilot to heading mode and baro alt to hold the marshall altitude and to take up a heading to intercept the outbound radial before 23nm. You want to be on radial 287 a couple of nm before the marshall point. Now on crossing the 23nm 287nm point you can call Marshall and advise you are established. Now comes the holding pattern sector entry asp
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