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  1. I have been playing dcs for a long time and I paid for the assets pack because I like flying the warbirds. It is pretty much why I bought dcs. I fly jets only on occasion. I just can’t figure out why the assets pack was not free like the modern assets that are in the game. I know so many people that like flying warbirds but don’t want to to pay for the assets pack. It sucks because I like flying with period correct assets but a lot of the people i play with don’t have the assets pack so I am constantly building double missions and maps, one with ww2 asssts pack and one without.
  2. I can get the plane to take off, land, despawn, respawn, repeat. Now I can’t get it to respawn properly when it gets destroyed. It will respawn and despawn repeatedly.
  3. I don’t see how zones would work. The conditions for landing and not landing are almost same. I am trying flags and I am able to get them to land and the respawn and respawn again but then they get stuck on respawn every 30 seconds or what ever I had the flag delay time set at
  4. Hi have the same issue on occasion. I actually recently made a post about it. something weird happens to the game file and it bugs out. The only way to fix it is to build an entire new mission. You can literally put the same triggers, scripts, units in the same place and time and it will work. I had an issue where it happened on the last units I was placing. They stopped following waypoints and started entering a right hand pattern at waypoint one. I deleted the units, redid the triggers, etc. and put them back and it still didn’t work. I spent a few hours and literally copied the mission ove
  5. Does anyone know of a good script that can clean up grounded planes. I have a problem in one of my missions where a few planes land because of low fuel. The rtb and jump out of the place (ww2) and the plane never disappears. It just sits there. I can deactivate them in the ME by deactivating unit under 1 knot but the problem is it deactivates them when they start on the ground since they are under one knot. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks. Got it figure out. Needed to add some “OR” in my conditions. Lol
  7. I have been using this script for the basis of be of my missions. It is nicely done. I have been using for ww2 stuff. The only problem is the time value for CAP the air doesn’t work. It says it goes by minutes. I have put time on target to 10 minutes, 30, 60, etc and no matter what the planes will fly to the zone and hangout for literally a few minutes and the rtb and land. From takeoff to landing is 10 minutes. I have also put time in as seconds to see if that helps. Nothing. Anyone using this script? Any suggestions on how to fix the time on station?
  8. So I am obviously missing something. I usually play starting on hot start. However I tried joining a game where cold start is required and I couldn’t get my master arms lights to light up. I started the aircraft. Got airborne and then flipped up my master arms switch. Nothing. No lights, no guns. I had full ammo. I am obviously missing something but can’t figure out what. Help please. disregard. Found the breakers.
  9. AI won’t follow waypoints at all. They get to waypoint 1 and just fly a circle. Sometimes they follow but most of the time they just fly in a circle when they get to the firs waypoint. I can literally run the same mission over and over and get a different result. I am not sure if it is an issue with bombers only but that is where I am experiencing the problem. Bombers will sometimes fly the waypoints other times the get to the first waypoint and just start a right hand orbit.
  10. This really needs to get fixed. It is literally mission breaking when trying to have any triggers happen as a result of bombers going down.
  11. I have a multiplayer server I am working on. I am using mist and the ME scripting tools to build it. I know how to make large bomber groups but I can’t figure out how to get them to respawn together. The way my mission is set up is the bombers (just one groups since I can’t get them to respawn together) comes in and bombs an area then flies back and is deactivated when it inters a zone. The group can also be shot down. Once the group is dead or deactivated by the zone 30 minutes pass and the group respawns and repeats the circuit. I want to get a large formation of bombers coming in to bomb. P
  12. Has anyone noticed that when in multiplayer, after shooting down a b-17 they just fly in a circle at altitude while on fire? The fire eventually goes out, engines off and props not spinning, crew is dead or bailed out and the bomber just keeps flying in a circle. It never loses altitude and doesn’t ever crash. Just flies around at a slow speed continuously.
  13. I know this is probably outside the normal response for this war bird but I love dogfighting in it. Dogfighting in the 109, spit and mustang had become so easy (been flying them for a while) it is nice to be challenged again. So far I can take out p-47 and p51s (AI) up to the second difficulty but am having a hard time with the spit. I am aware that taking out spots in a 1x1 is gonna be hard for the this bird b it sure is fun to try. The Anton seems like it would absolutely destroy when flown in a pair or group.
  14. Ok. Thanks for the information. Just started flying the Anton. Still learning.
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