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  1. This was a good review. I am in mission 10 now and I can recommend this campaign. What comes about fly times I use time acceleration (Ctrl+Z accelerate and Shift+Z reset time), this feature is very handy. Specially if you must to fly mission again. Biggest issue of campaign is that some ADFs are broken currently. I had to look kneeboard and I used mark my position feature. Is that cheating? It feels like cheating but it is good option. I had dot labels in use, these helps a lot specially in night missions (I use VR).
  2. Do you have same problem than he is in issue 2? (Argo have own forum area) "Near the end, my task was to fly over the convoy to assess damage. This did not appear to register. I flew back and forth over the convoy barely missing power poles, then tried wider circles, accelerated time etc. Eventually after many minutes when I was flying a wide circle looking for missing vehicles, it suddenly triggered as complete."
  3. I vote for Bf 109 G-6. I didn't bought Bf109 because K4 was too new model. Instead bought Spit+Channel. I did bough Bf 109 G-6 Collector plane to IL Great Battles although.
  4. I think it would be good if door gunners could play without buying module. Maybe that way there would be more human gunners. I am not sure if that would help. Huey is not expensive if you buy it -50% and it is so much more fun to fly. I think it is best module of DCS, it should not be free. Even without guns it is very good. But maybe without armament and no clickable cockpit?
  5. Default Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas and Crosswind pedals.
  6. I would recommend CHUCK’S GUIDES – DCS UH-1H HUEY https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-uh-1h-huey/ PART 14 – RADIO NAVIGATION gives good instructions, I used this when flew UN mission.
  7. I have Ryzen 3800x, 1080Ti, 32Gb, SSD and reverb and VR works well at least with helicopters. I would recommend Larkin Aviation in Syria campaign. It was very good and city was beautiful, I flew with Huey https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312166/
  8. I noticed some problems in mission 2. - Unloading cargo didn't worked. Door was opened but unloading trigger not (trigger which says missing adapter). I fixed it by removing check that soldiers are close enough. I assume there is some bug. - When I returned to base there was helicopter in my pad. There was room for me too but it would be natural not to land when pad is occupied. The pad next to my pad was free. And that was my mistake. I used always wrong landing pad, checked it now.
  9. What other options we have than ED? DCS is unique and thanks to ED we have it.
  10. We need planes for Channel map but I haven't heard anything new. Mosquito FB Mk.VI had first fly in 1942.
  11. Should we have an editor where we would create our own avatars? That would be best.
  12. Bronies are far better than some people who try to say who have a right to be here. We all are fligt simmers here, bronies, trekkies etc.
  13. I finally decided which warbird to my first in DCS and got Spitfire, I had already WW2 Assets and Channel map. TF-51 is much easier to take-off, Spit needs practising without aids.
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