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  1. I changed Reverb G1 to Quest 2. G1 has little better image quality but tracking is better with Quest 2. When I use Quest 2 for sims I keep it in charger (normal 2m usb cord) using airlink so battery is full all of time. I changed because Reveb cord didn't last in my use. It was two times in warranty. We used it with room-scale too (I have 8 year old boy) and that was the problem, not sims. G2 may have better cord. Quest 2 works wireless so I recommend it if you play others than sims too. Reverb G2 is better if you play only sims. What comes to price you must remember that Quest need external headset or head strap because sounds are lousy. I think without charger or external battery you can play about 2-3 hours with airlink so head strap with battery may be a correct choose.
  2. If you fly front of the desk do lighthouses track your head when put your head under desk (ie look some gauges or other near the pedals)? So your body blocks visibility of rear tracker and desk blocks visibility of front tracker. I have never used lighthouse trackers, that problem was in Rift. I thing lighthouses are better on this and you can prevent this almost all with placement. I had reverb G1 and tracking was not good. It didn't worked when looked down, I don't know why. Quest 2 have far better tracking.
  3. You can transfer modules from Steam to standalone, not otherwise. So when you buy from steam you get both. Steam gives you (source DCS) - Auto-Update without launching the game (as long as steam is open) - Faster Download/Update Speed - Steam In-Game Overlay - Steam Friend List Notifications - Quick Repair And you can change install folder easily on steam. Standalone gives you 14 days trials and -50% for new customers. I took steam because it has sales when standalone not after free-to-play period ended. I have lot of other games in steam also,
  4. It is a club non-profit rent price (all included) in Finland. I think cost is not bad. If you buy a plane it costs far more than that.
  5. I have been using steam because download speed and because steam updates games automatically. I have thinking to changing standalone because trials, they are only in standalone. Please notice if you are new you will get "All new DCS World users can take advantage of a 50% discount on their first purchase, regardless of whether they buy just one module or the whole library!" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/licensing/trial/ "Free to play system that lets you evaluate each of our products for 14 days! Test one aircraft for two weeks and then another one for next two or maybe download a new terrain at the same time, whatever you fancy. Each product will give you a full fourteen days to evaluate and enjoy without any limitations or obligations. If you’ve tried a particular product and aren’t 100% certain or want to re-evaluate at a later date, then no worries, once six months has gone by, take it up for another two-week free test flight and decide if you like what you see."
  6. You can trial any aircraft 14 days so maybe you could start with Huey? It is very basic helicopter so you would learn basics. I do not know if other helicopter modules have better training missions https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/licensing/trial/filter/type-is-helicopter/apply/
  7. Varjo VR3 is 150€ ($175?) per month with 3 year subscription. It is pretty high. It doubles your sim budjet but it may be acceptable. Yoy get less than one hour of IRL flying with cessna 172 for 150€ and almost 2h per month with Ikarus C42. I have noticed that it is better to compare to IRL flying what comes about cost. At least I do when I speak with my spouse Would you fly IRL 20 hours per year less to get Varjo?
  8. Do you have any warranty left? Mine Reverb has been two times on warranty service because that cable and gor replacement. The cable is very bad if you play room scale games.
  9. This is a game bug, not for a campaign itself. Nevertheless it makes the mission very hard Because bug you can't see mountains, river or sea with NVG. You can use search light or fly high. Seems that search light do not help with sea so landing to Argo is very hard. It is possible to do mission succesful, but I hope you could tweak lightning so we could do it like instructed. I attached link where you can see how to fix this temporary ("temporary solution for now is to edit the .miz in editor, modify date so that there is full moon and perhaps remove clouds if theyre thick"). Edit: I got campaign successful. I did flew enough high and IFR, a search light is too dim. Most difficult to me was landing to Argo in dark, took few tries. Thank you for a good campaign. I will recommend Argo even with these flaws (ADF navigation and night missions).
  10. I have this problem with last mission of Argo (Huey) campaign. How long this has been unfixed? Maybe I should ask the creator modify mission.
  11. Finally got this mission done. It took several times, I think over ten times. Last time those boats were destroyed by one strafing run for each pair where I was gunner on flexible sight. I am not very good in aiming yet This mission was frustating but luckily DCS have time acceleration. Argo campaign is very good overall, worth of every penny.
  12. I recommend Huey. It is basic helicopters which is done very well.
  13. I didn't had problem with this mission. I have done 11 first missions. I change my spot so I shoot myself, so AI May be flawed. I have problems with AI gunners in night. There is own area for Argo. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/245084-mission-6-wont-advance-after-suicide-bombers-show-up/?tab=comments#comment-4521924 Campaign have problems with ADF navigation. One mission I crashed cargo but mission succeeded any way.
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