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  1. Been a month and a half, was hoping it would be easily corrected but apparently not and perhaps never will be the same again? In the mean time, what are the steps that folks doing now to operate their JDAMS and JSOWS?
  2. If it is the DCS Created mission than it probably already has at least one of your radios tuned to the correct frequency, if not then do so and you should be able to communicate with the carrier on Inbound, See you at 10, and the Ball Call.
  3. How do you stop and turn when you are on the ground without them? Are there keyboard commands that accomplish that?
  4. What I have found is that good quality components are both expensive, but also 'Out of Stock' for weeks upon weeks, requiring that you keep your search ongoing. You, end up starting with the less expensive, lower quality, yet available item while on the search. I am very happy with the Slaw Device RX Rudder, they are 100% top quality!!! They come out of Poland, the gentleman will take your order and notify you when they are ready for shipping (could be several months), then notify you that they are ready. it is not until that point that you are required to remit any money.
  5. Is the best way to just uninstall and reinstall?
  6. Took off and landed a couple times from the Supercarrier last evening; the sound of the tires/gear on the deck have changed significantly. Like I was on an old wooden roller coaster. I thought perhaps I had a flat tire or something was wrong!
  7. Please, go ahead and post a bug. I downloaded the new update and flew a mission attempting to JDAMs. As noted, targeting pod would not lock up the target. I returned to base, rearmed with JSOWs and few to the target zone. Just as with JDAM, the targeting pod would not lock up the target!.
  8. There are two separate versions of the A-10 available for purchase. Wonder if that is something that you are looking at. One is a $55.99 version (A10-C II) that is very complete and includes many systems that the other version (A-10A) priced at $7.50, does not have.
  9. I guess I would rather it extend North and include NAS Fallon and all of it's bombing ranges.
  10. Part of the problem with watching YouTube and I guess even possibly Chuck's information is that ED updates the game so often. Not suggesting that ED should not, but it has some side affects. Information that is put out today becomes outdated, insufficient, and/or possibly even inaccurate in just a short timeline. You can watch a 'How To' video from six months back, and find that things have changed. By in large they are still the same, but likely there are some slight nuances from what is described. Stuff from three years ago, well you might not even recognize the procedures! Ch
  11. The F/A-18C arguably is the most complete that DCS offers. It is among the most versatile platforms as well; it can be used for a ground attack, it can be used for SEAD missions, it can be used for air to air. It can be launched and recovered by an aircraft carrier, or takeoff and land upon airfields. It has the reputation of being the easiest to fly, it is fly by wire, it is supersonic and yet also has a relatively slow stall speed and recoverable, the landing gear is designed for a carrier so you basically crash land it without a whole lot of finesse…
  12. Pacific Time Zone: we fly Tue, Thu and Sat at 6:00 pm. I am still new to this game, purchased a new pc and components and downloaded the game back around Thanksgiving. The thing about joining a squadron is that you do not know what or how they will interact with you, to what levels of training they provide, expect, or if they can meet your expectations, etc. I was a bit apprehensive being brand new, but reached out to a squadron that flies during the time frames that work best for me. I can not say enough good about the squadron, it has been wonderful with them! Th
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