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  1. If the tanker was setup correctly in the mission then the comms menu should show the tanker. If it isn't showing up and it is a practice mission that ships with the Hornet (DCS) then there is an issue. Are you using simple comms or do you need to dial in the freq the tanker is on? This might be a factor as well. Food for thought and hope you get it worked out.
  2. Is the "sometimes" you are talking about attempting to change weapons with weight on wheels?
  3. It's not as bad as it seems once you realize what is going on. I have all the same kit but the IR tracker (I use VR). What's going on is all your devices are automatically creating inputs for the same thing. So, the rudder is getting roll inputs and the stick throttle etc. You only want pitch and roll on the stick and rudder left and right on the rudder pedals etc. When you are in your DCS controls setup for the F18 sim (NOT gameplay) look at each column for each input device and clear any settings that don't belong and leave those that should be there. Some will be in the axis settings
  4. I realized after posting there was an update so I just did the download and ran a mission on the Syria map with the super carrier and an F18. No problem taking off, hitting the 'admirals doorbell' and dumping fuel then landing rearming/refueling. Then requested launch and repeated. All working here - just as an FYI.
  5. I flew a 3 hour 37 minute mission this last Sunday using the the F-18 off the super carrier in which I landed, refueled/re-armed and took off again 5 times without any issues.
  6. This video has what you might be looking for. The whole video is obviously worth a watch, but the bit pertaining IFEI (6:17) specifically might help.
  7. Hit WYPT on the top right of the HSI MFD. This designates the waypoints to show up on your HUD and is key to coupling the two together. Then when you have autopilot activated and then CPL it should couple the A/P to the waypoints. Auto allows for the waypoints to switch to the next by itself. SEQ (bottom right HSI button) draws the lines between the way points on the HSI/SA MFDs. I use it all the time and works fine. Likewise, if you hit TCN on the upper left of the HSI MFD it will couple to the TCN bearing setup.
  8. LOL - I guess we can all have wishes
  9. I noticed the PAUSE button moved to UI layer now too. So when I set it to the key I wanted other than the PAUSE key as I use a (mini - half the keys -keyboard in my pit) the application told me how many other modules use my desired key and I would be pairing or overriding the previous control(s) for those modules. I guess they call it progress
  10. You mean "Force IPD Distance"?
  11. I believe the word you are looking for is collector. This changes the angle of attack for the rotors. The throttle (twisty grip bit on a helicopter control) does the rpm and pulling up and back on the same stick (collector) changes the pitch of the blades. As I understand it throttle is usually set to a certain rpm where the system is most efficient and the collector is used to manipulate lift, the main stick is used to control the lift vector and the pedals yaw, but I will leave it to a real helicopter pilot to take it from there.
  12. I used Redkite's video tutorial to get sorted out. Here is a link to get you pointed in the right direction.
  13. Yes - cat 1 and 2 launch crew waits until the AI planes got down. As soon as the AI plane caught the wire I noticed the deck crew 'wake up' and begin directing the jet.
  14. I have experienced this at times and it is when an AI aircraft is in the final circuit for landing.
  15. I think this thread has gotten nuked. I mean it is about Heatblur's A-6 and now it is bogged down and side-tracked whether there should be nukes in DCS. (boooo) The voice of reason says it would be nicer to the see discussion back on the A-6 more and nukes a lot less - split that (nukes) in to another thread or something.... Have a great day, y'all.
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