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  1. Either the mossie wings are too wide or hangar doors too narrow ... (Normandy map, Tangmere hangar) I don't know if reported already. Maybe an little note for mission builders. BTW the Mossie is great!!!
  2. I am having the same problem and this yellow flashy image interferences are really annoying! Occuring since the last big update some weeks ago (DCS Open Beta). Installed latest drivers 457.51 (GTX 1080Ti) and played with different MSAA/SS settings today but without getting a change. I am flying WWII only, today I took off in MP (RAF662 server), the mission just started, only 2 fighters active (more to come with mission progess), no artefacts while flying patrol over channel until one AI fighter reached dover and was shot by flak, this time first flashes occured. Maybe it has something to do with that new big greyish flak clouds??? Anyway ..., can only say that this yellow flashes could drive you crazy and I am looking forward to a fix.
  3. That's exactly what I have observed. The handle stays out but there's almost no difference between p.b. set or not (like I mentioned here before). Even if pumping manually and the needle on hyd. pressure gauge goes into the green band it seems not to be enough pressure to hold the plane at around 750 RPM e.g. warming up. But things are changing when the needle is pointing exactly at 12 oc (1000 psi?). You reach it after a flight or long enought wait. Then you will be able to do engine testing up to 2.000 RPM without plane moving.
  4. Hello pilots, setting parking brake is working fine here, I assume ..., because it won't prevent P-47 from moving! Hydraulic pressure gauge pointer is in the green band. Already at 750 RPM plane starts moving very slowly, have to add toe brakes to keep it in place for warming up. At 900 - 1000 RPM it starts rolling faster, it just feels there is no big difference between parking brakes set or not. Maybe I am doing something wrong?!
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