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  1. Hmm,OK-a manual for ASP-21PFD has 230 pages and I provided it to guys of M3LLC,so maybe someday.........Big discussion about ASP was here 4-5 years ago,but if you need to know something specific ,I am at your disposal.
  2. ASP-21 PFD logic is still out of reality,so it is pointless to discuss about it.
  3. The Channel map is very beautifull,no doubt about it.But I still miss such important Third reich military instalations like d'Eperlecques(Watten-Blockhaus),Wizernes- La Coupole(The Dome),Siracourt,Mimoyecques(multi-charged gun).These instalations became many,many times a target for Allied bombers including the Mosquito.So I am more or less disappointed that are neglected.As far as I know, this is a war map and not map for a glider pilots. It looks like the Paris city without Eiffel tower.So I hope that devs complete these instalations to the map.
  4. Quite fit.......but who knows ?
  5. Yes,scale is in degrees.All russian gunsights(ASP-3,ASP-5 ASP-21),which are used in DCS have this scale in degrees as well.
  6. +3,please ED how exactly I can spend my bonus point?
  7. Hi .you must armed fuses in your bombs.The switch is on panel between legs next to tablo.Plus red light.When red light is ON the fuses are ARMED.
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=211980&stc=1&d=1560583790
  9. 1-Muzzle flash is much bigger.In simulation is small and too cartoonish.We can see this effect on Su-7 photos (the same cannons,the same position in root of wings) 2-Smoke marks after cannon firing on fuselage skin around cannon barrel(after 30 shots)After 3-4 trainig flights (90-120 shots) the plane was really dirty. 3-Vibration in cockpit during firing.According to the pilots,it was similar to driving on cobblestones. Each cannon has 6 tons of recoil force.The standart firing duration was 1-1,5 sec(15-20 shots) Unreadable needles(values). 4-Sounds-outer is very good,maybe a
  10. This is no bug,but feature and nice effect,which arises when lever(GYRO- FIXED)is switching from FIXED position to GYRO position. This photo series was taken from an ASP-3NMU gunsight and it is very,very similar to ASP-5.
  11. Hi KOŠ this is video No.9 A/G GUNS,RKT,BOMIIRC.First action is bombing.ASP-5 need for bombing so-called bomb chart,so everything what pilot is doing(in video) is nonsense.MiG-19P have not possibility to drop bombs in single mode.Scale on the right side does not show dive angle,but aiming angle(0-11deg) Second action is RKT firing.ASP-5 is capable to set aiming angle for S-5 rocket automatically according ballistic properties of S-5 by switching from bomb(NR-30) to rkt Third action is GUN firing.ASP-5 is capable to set aiming angle for NR-30 automatically according ballistic properties of
  12. Hi,do not vorry,because this mission is pure fiction.ASP-5 does not work like in real life.
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