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  1. If this makes it into this week's patch, the timing will be perfect. I've been itching to get back into the mig-21 after picking up a new GPU for VR use. Many thanks to the team for their continued efforts!
  2. This is at the very top of my must-fly list, looking forward to any and all updates to come. Great news!
  3. Yes, this is one of my biggest annoyances with this plane. Cannot see through HUD at night with even the lowest brightness setting, glad it's being improved.
  4. Also curious about the "haze" of the glass over the instruments, they're quite hard to see in most lighting conditions without the cockpit lights on
  5. Hmm, F4s didn't attack me either, but the mission was a blast regardless. One question though: is there anywhere specific to park to end the mission with a win condition? I ended up shutting down in a parking spot and quitting the mission once I landed.
  6. I don't have track files, but I was experiencing decent frames with radar on at high altitudes, but as soon as I descended and started picking up ground clutter things went back to slideshow mode...turning the radar off cleared it right up.
  7. Number one thing I was looking forward to in Syria was navigating around in the 21, good to know RSBN and ARK stations are coming.
  8. Having this exact problem. Can lase target, uncage missile, missile sees laser (code 1688 ) but on release the missile just flies into the ground. New bug?
  9. Bummer re: 27, but I'll take what I can get. Pardon my ignorance, but did they announce what specific version of the 23 we'll be getting? edit: 23MLA, I'm an idiot.
  10. I have an unfortunate weakness for Soviet aviation, so if this thing is any kind of playable on O/B release, it'll be in my aircraft stable for sure. Here's to hoping we get something before the end of 2020. In an unrelated note, does anyone know if this module could be parlayed into the mig-27 very easily? I love me some ground attack...
  11. Very good info by all here, will have to do some practice this weekend. The only thing that seems odd about the whole thing is that with buddy lase they're perfectly accurate almost every time. More practice and experimentation needed I suppose.
  12. Could just be my technique, as I'm still learning. Not an air spawn unfortunately, but I've shared a track with 3 bookmarks (one for each release). Laser armed, in lase mode, with L flashing. Target acquired, in AUTO mode (CCRP), button held and releases when countdown hits zero. I'm sure I'm not more than 8nm from the targets. The second and third bombs are much closer, could it be that the bomb is losing the laser as the A/C (and therefore laser source) pass over the target? The help is much appreciated. p.s, :doh: having trouble attaching a tacview file to this post, but here's
  13. I've been enjoying the module very much despite the present issues, but something that's been bothering me is lack of accuracy with GBUs while lasing with my own LITENING pod. Buddy-lase is perfectly accurate but using my own pod results in impacts that aren't even close. Am I missing something or is this another bug? Using laser code 1688, laser is firing in non-train mode at the base of the target. Laser is staying on target until bomb impact. Appreciate the help.
  14. Adding +1 to this. Rockets crash game to desktop... :mad:
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