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  1. SOLD ------------- Folks - I am no longer using my trusty TUSBA R1 (website) USB adapter and thought I should find it a new home. For those unfamiliar with the TUSBA, it converts the TM Cougar F16 TQS to a standalone USB device ... thanks to the wizards over at RealSimulator. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  2. Nope, I don't see it there either. It's still the 27th in California, I'm hoping to pick this up but there is no sign of a purchasable download in the E-Shop. Any ideas?
  3. Folks, I just deployed DCS A10 (v1.1.0.9, Steam version) and am having trouble getting the training missions to complete. The missions load and start fine, but I lose the narrator and instructions in the middle of the mission (as if the trigger for the next instruction doesn't activate). Specifically, here is what I've tried: Ramp Start - works perfectly. Takeoff and Basic Maneuvers - goes silent (no further instructions) after the take off and climb sequence. Navigation - goes silent after disconnecting AP at the first waypoint (KOTIPNARI). At this point I've halted any
  4. *bump* :D ... just checking if there's any further word on this.
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