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  1. >Can we know how put in or change voice files for Jester Mama? >So to add a profanity filter? >Yes Mama >Actually download Angry RIO.MP3 like a boss Oh yeah its big brain time.
  2. So, as I've been saying. A-6 is next on the list for Heatblur, its now official. So you'll have to wait for an ED F-4 Phantom.
  3. From what I know of DCS history, the AIM-7 is one of those weapons ED kind of left to the way side during the early days when the AIM-120 could barely get kills at 20nmi. They focused on the 120s as that was what most people used. Even in the F-14 the main missile in PVP (where this would've been the biggest issue) was the AIM-54. So the AIM-7 has kinda been forgotten about. The newer missiles that were added later have the better aerodynamic data, code and battery life though, (such as the AIM-7MH) and soon to be added AIM-7P but in terms of legacy sparrows of the AIM-7F/M they're more unreli
  4. Technically they said the F-16 *might* roll over to Q1 2021...but they did say they wanted the others out of EA by end of 2020...and I don't see the Viper being out of EA by Q1 2021
  5. According to Iranian sources they did fire the HAWK missile twice in combat situations. But there isn't much details on how successful it went assuming of course you take the Iranians at their word. As for the Russian weapons they have not seen service.
  6. I mean what you could do if your ok with the images being in FLIR is use the LANTIRN pod as a TARPS stand in?
  7. As far as I know ED still has the licence for the F-4 Phantom due to Bilsimtek being a sub developer under ED and was reabsorbed along with the AH-1 and F-4E Block 58 projects they were doing and ED still plans to make and F-4 or possibly multiple after everything else is said and done (after F-18/16 is complete/mostly complete and after Hind and AH-64 have been released). However if its not considered under the same licence agreement due to the weapons and modifications put onto it the first F-4 we could see as soon as possible would realistically come from TrueGrit as the F-4 ICE. As the CE
  8. Yes these missiles need cooling. Some Hughes engineers decided to test to see what would happen/how it would perform without coolant being given to the missile...and it melted the nose cone off...
  9. Yeah, Grumman was like..."well the plane was designed to carry bombs you just didn't want them...for the money you gave us you have 2 options. 1. AIM-120 integration for the F-14 as we have the software update for the AWG-9 ready and just need to bug test it and put it into the planes, or, 2. LANTIRN TGP integration so it can use LGBs" The Navy saw the shifting landscape after the end of the Cold War and the lessening need for Air superiority and went with option 2. The rest is History.
  10. I originally thought you meant when the mission loaded, if you mean within the editor itself that would be nice
  11. Heatblur is working on Jester: LANTIRN as a official type of replacement for the "Pilot LANTIRN" mod but how it will work with the Jester menu is unknown. Heatblur strives for accuracy and realism with the exception of the LANTIRN as it is impossible to use that part of the Module's experience solo in multiplayer. However everything else is possible to use/experience to some degree with the help of Jester. As such having people being able to freely switch back and fourth is unrealistic and would create an obsolescence for dedicated Human RIOs which Heatblur actually would rather to
  12. I can't ***wait*** for TrueGrit to release their Eurofighter Typhoon with it's MBDA Meteor with it's 60+nmi range and 37nmi no escape zone (50% chance of kill against a 9G manoeuvring target with countermeasures according to NATO standard) and its IRIS-T Missiles with not only the PIRATE IRST system to lock them up without needing a radar RWR warning BUT also the 360 degree, over the shoulder high off bore sight missile shots and see people complain then...if your already getting annoyed at the Tomcat. the Eurofighter will finally will make the score boards irrelevant. Perhaps may
  13. After a series of accidents and maintenance problems with their McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantoms in the 1973 air show season, the Blue Angels stood down for an overview of the program by the Secretary of the Navy, John Warner. Ken Wallace a 1954-55 slot pilot and 1961-63 team leader, was called upon to guide the team through the rough waters. Wallace was serving in the office of the chief of naval operations as the tactical air plans officer. “Because of my past association with the Blue Angels, whenever anything that concerned them came up, I was rung in on it in some way,’ he said.
  14. With getting them off the "Auto" mode using the manual AFT also disable the spoilers from operating? Because thats was my understanding as the "main" thing that makes it easier for new people to AAR. Stopping the wings from moving AND disabling the spoilers so they don't either add over correction for roll or cause drag that would slow you down. I'm just wondering if the spoilers were much of an issue IRL or if New pilots just had to get through it because this is why for DCS anyway its been said to put them into Bomb mode because it achieves both.
  15. What Victory is saying is correct, I mean why the hell would you use the HUD indicator in the first place when you know the F-14's seating position is very high over the nose which is going to make that indicator hard to be correct in the first place. Much like for example how the F-14 exhibits proverse yaw while it "looks" like the aircraft actually does Adverse Yaw, again, because of pilot seating position. I mean you have literally have a artificial horizon on the VDI for that exact reason which is huge and easy to understand.
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