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  1. Here is the channel of the real fighter pilot he makes videos in French and in English : https://www.youtube.com/c/ATECHUETTOPGUN2SPEAKER/videos
  2. An excellent video, rare enough to be highlighted, a real Rafale pilot from the French Air Force "ATE CHUET" tries his luck against a DCS player, for those who master French we learn a lot about dogfight, I lets you guess who wins the multiple fights :D (we see from the point of view of the dcs player the real pilot is the opponent)
  3. Hi buddys isn't the plane underpowered ? When I look at the specifications of the real plane, we can see that it is supposed to reach 72,000 feet / minute : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Dynamics_F-16_Fighting_Falcon#Specifications_(F-16C_Block_50/52) I know that is in an optimal configuration and not really the same IRL, but in the game, empty wings with very little of fuel, it's not even close to 25,000 feet / minute Here, we have a real F-16 pilot who claims that the model flight is underpowered : https://youtu.be/rtAVvQ6mPDA?t=1147 How to explain the huge gap between
  4. Hello I was asking myself a question and I can't find any information about it, the question is this, in real life what will determine for a pilot the choice, between using a laser guided bomb or a Air Ground Missile ?
  5. Hi guys, I can't see the ground at night with infrared mode with the TPOD I already had a similar problem with the F-18 but with the new update it works, by cons now it is with the F-16 that I can not see anything on the ground with the infrared :
  6. The gray option is used to provide two things: an adjustment scale at the bottom of the screen, to adjust the brightness of the screen I think it works a bit like that in video games: You have to adjust until you see all the color bars and this allows you by pressing zoom once to switch to the brightness setting that you can adjust with the arrows, if I'm not mistaken
  7. no I'm aiming for desert soil, I have the impression that when there are clouds the visibility on the ground is improved, but when I remove all the clouds, I don't see anything anymore, I will send you the track as soon as that i get my hands on my pc :thumbup:
  8. Lol my too but I understood everything thank you, but the problem is that the ALG is supposed to provide the optimal setting according to what we aim with the pod right?
  9. Hi guys, I can't see the ground at night with infrared mode with the new tpod, (and of course i aims the ground not the sky ) is that normal ? Switch beetwen Black or White didn't change anything :huh:
  10. Thank you for your answer yes in fact it is 85% of ram that is used, but what surprises me is that the pagefile actually uses 19 GB which seems really huge does dcs consume as much memory? And I just noticed that even without opening DCS the pagefile is used with at least 6 to 12 GB, so this is obviously not a DCS specific problem, I don't understand why even when my RAM is not completely used my computer uses the pagefile, I will try to find out more :D
  11. Ok with the Windir software I identified what was the file which was filling it is the pagefile.sys from what i saw pagefile.sys is used when the ram memory is full but when I look in the task manager, there are only 7 GB that are used for DCS, but I have 16 GB of ram I don't understand anything anymore
  12. My local drive is an ssd i don't know if it makes a difference
  13. And it is instantaneous in fact as soon as I open a mission, boom I have 30 GB which is installed I don't know where
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