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  1. Nice job guys. Really great job enhancing the existing software even further!
  2. Oh man, I thought the Hoggit reddit was bad but now i see it showing up here also... Deka, love your module and the work you put into it. Build your passion, ignore the haters. Leave politics out of it. At the end of the day it's a simulated game for gamers to enjoy. Keep things real (as good as the simulator allows) and your customers will be happy!
  3. I'm curious as i gave it a go last night. Do you plan to add voice overs? If so i may wait to play the polished verision :) Also when it comes to the opening scenes, i find it annoying to have to rewatch it multiple times when the mission is failed. Anyway to skip this?
  4. Ever since the July update i've been getting massive micro stutters. Tried everything in the books to clear it up without luck. At this point need to consider it's either DCS or nvidia drivers since i do see GPU spikes Here's some of what i tried to work through: - Removed all background processes + stoped windows anti-virus/malware - updated to different nvidia drivers (latest 2 drivers) - Added the following to autoconfig file options.graphics.maxfps = 60 disable_write_track = true no_device_hotplug = true - validated ram usage is under max (currently @ 75%) - both CPU and GPU
  5. You do realize his version is a different one built off the one posted here right? It's not the same OP
  6. agreed, great campaign for those interested in a campaign that gives you all different levels of roles. From AA to SEAD to Ground attacks with a good simple story.
  7. What I love about this campaign is it gives you the opportunity to use your different modules. What's missing though is Helo transport missions unless i missing something. Any plans or ways we can help add this in future builds?
  8. Ah interesting, I went back and saw the setting but didnt seem to help even after recreating the export file. When i test i'm going from ~90frames to ~65. I'm basically loading the same very basic training missing available by ED for the F18 when i compare these results. Basically i run the mission and then rename the export *.LUAX and reload to see the difference. (after DCS reboot) What's strange is a couple weeks back my game was stuck at ~60 frames even after all my changes to graphic settings. After researching my SaveGame folder i was able to restore my frames but now this c
  9. Ok further testing :) I just reset all scripts and when i create a simple interface for F18 left DDI and run that only directly from Helios i still get the same frames drop. The export.lua file generated for the profile still has similar settings that i believe are impacting this.. Example from LUA: gExportInterval = 0.067 gExportLowTickInterval = 1 Could be wrong maybe something else but the end result is i lose about 20 frames :( Is this to be expected?
  10. After some extensive testing i've come to see that i'm losing ~20 frames when loading Helios. It seems it is tied to the LUA from the F18. If i disable this script alone things go back to stable and higher frame rate. Poking around the CORE LUA i see scripts are called on intervals to update switches etc. i'm sure this is because of syncing switch states. However i wanted to ask if there was a way to minimize this even if it causes a delay with switches being synced? I'm no scripting guru so looking for assistance. Also on top of the lower frames, i see constant frame spikes again i'
  11. What's the best way to cancel current missions stats for when a mission is restarted or if DCS crashes? For example as i start the mission stats begin to be recorded but DCS crashed on me once and the stats were still being recorded. I wanted to cancel or restart it but there is no option to close it or cancel accepting the results. EDIT: I should mention this is on the RC build
  12. Have to disagree sir. Nothing against helios but in some cases people are enabling a 2nd screen to enable this feature and that's when this comes to light, otherwise I was fine before. So not that Helios breaks this directly but it seems it should be part of someone's setup to be ready to make changes to kneeboards should they enable that extra screen. No? Sorry not trying to flood this thread but create this topic of discussion with links or tips on how to address should someone else run into the same issue...
  13. I saw mentions of this multiple times but have yet to see something that worked. In the Kneeboard software i did not find a simple answer to tweak it for all kneeboard files so i ended up just editing the ViewportHandling.lua file which surprising i could not load from the SaveGames folder which is annoying. Do you have any references to options that work without breaking during update or MP? Luckily for now i have not tried or joined MP sessions just yet but that will change in the future. Just surprised when i searched this thread no one has mentioned it yet....
  14. LOL I keep moving my head using trackIR like its going to make a difference! I feel your pain :) Please fix this in the next patch. Really makes the screens useless in most scenarios. In a way i feel like IRL i can see how glare like this can be a problem but since this is a game and we have no way to shield the glare/light from the DDI's this really needs to be addressed whether people see it as a bug or glare feature...
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