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  1. Weezer


    Thanks Whisky!!
  2. Weezer


    I can't access the discord - unauthorized link? Best, Fred
  3. Weezer


    @Vine_dog "There's a decent cockpit model for the grippen on turbosquid..." Yeah, I thought about buying one of the available 3D pit models out there, and I came across an even better pit than the one on turbosquid. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/aircraft/military/jas-39-c-gripen-cockpit "Jas-39 C Gripen cockpit. Geometrically correct as much as possible (not 3d scanned, drawed from pics and blueprint). Every main assembly is organized to its own layer, subassemblies to sublayers, to easily switch on/off. Every object is separated for further editing. Un
  4. Weezer


    So I just had a look at the JF-17 model in Modelviewer...seems like the "Probe" arg for the Jeff, is 901, and it's not an animation, just show/hide the probe. Also I noticed that in the args list in Modelviewer, I can't seem to find a No. 22 arg. But I'm sure I've seen it listed in one of the .Lua files... We just need to figure out a way to trigger that animation! Do we know if the Gripen probe actually works filling fuel? Peace, Fred
  5. Weezer


    That code seems to be the "Radio menu - Groundcrew - Install/Uninstall probe" call....where you ask the groundcrew to uninstall/remove the probe. No animation involved there...You ask the groundcrew, wait for about 30 seconds, and the probe disappears. But from what I see, it works with the gripen model aswell...so you might be on to something..
  6. Weezer


    @fatspacepanda - I'm not much of a .lua expert, and not really sure where to look for the actual trigger of the Probe animation. But from looking at the animation in the DCS ModelViewer, it definately seems you're right with regards no the arg. number...seems to be 22. I'm going to try and dig deeper into the .lua, and see if I can figure something out, if anyone else knows their way around the lua files a bit better, feel free to jump in.. Best, /Fred
  7. Weezer


    Great job @fastpacepanda!! So awesome to see so many people coming together contributing to this MOD!! Let's keep it rollin! I'm currently working on a new somewhat more Hi-Fi skin, and have made a UI thingie and an all greyed out (Gripen-style) cockpit aswell..I'll post some screens later when I get home from work. Peace, /Fred
  8. Weezer


    @currenthill How did you get the Rb15 on there? Best, Fred
  9. Weezer


    Hiya Guys! Just bought the JF-17, in order to try out this awesome mod. Unfortunately, when I install the folders and overwrite the files in my DCS install directory (Open Beta), starting DCS, I get a "Module disabled" Error on the JF-17. Am I doing anything wrong here?
  10. Hmm...seems like the servos I got are the wrong ones...these are "Continuos"rotation servos...non positional ones...Back to the drawing board I guess.. To be continued.. /Fred
  11. Hiya guys, Fred here. I'm trying to get the F-16 RPM gauge working, but I'm so lost when it comes to the coding thing.. I have this code sent to the Arduino card: #define DCSBIOS_IRQ_SERIAL #include <Servo.h> #include "DcsBios.h" /* paste code snippets from the reference documentation here */ DcsBios::ServoOutput engineTachometer (0x44d4,8, 544, 2400, [](unsigned int newValue) -> unsigned int { return map(newValue, 0, 35000, 544, 2400); }); void setup() { DcsBios::setup(); } void loop() { DcsBios::loop(); } But as soon as I send it to the card, the ga
  12. I use the wireless Ed-Tracker Pro...Really works well and easy to configure (Open Track)
  13. Hiya RightStuff, thanks for the warm welcome!! Yeah, I understand DCS-Bios is the way to go - if to go the Arduino way...just feels a bit scary to rip everything apart that is up and working... I'll have a look into the "Tricking F4TP" thingie...sound interesting! To be continued... /Fred
  14. Hiya All! My name is Fred. I'm an old cockpit builder from Sweden. I have built me an F-16 cockpit with all the bells and whistles for BMS, using X-Keys for switches and PoKeys for Pots, Lights, gauges etc. Figured I'd make the pit work with DCS aswell, but unfortunately I can't find any utility or software to make that transition. The HogKeys project sounded very interesting, especially the 2.0 release, but from what I understand, it was never released? Could anyone point me in a direction of perhaps the manual to the "First" version of HogKeys? so I can try that out? Perhaps s
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