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  1. I am aware that the sounds in DCS are now encrypted and can't be edited directly. I made a sound mod that changes some of the effects (explosions, weapons, etc.) but speech for the Su-25T and FC3 aircraft just won't change. Any ideas?
  2. This is a pretty good mod! How did you get the flight model as smooth as it is? Also the game crashes when I eject.
  3. Exactly. Also, it seems to mess up ground attack aircraft AI (A-10, Su-25, etc.) where they seem to get confused when running in and end up not attacking at all.
  4. When trying to use autopilot with game flight mode, the plane randomly pitches up and down instead of holding altitude. The "route following" autopilot mode frequently results in crashing. When I don't use game flight mode, the autopilot works flawlessly at the expense of having the plane stall upside-down all the time.
  5. Title says it all. Maybe the option to set it to just the player or all vehicles including the player would work. Invincibility and unlimited fuel only affect the player, so why not weapons?
  6. I did some experimentation and it seems to be an issue with lasers.
  7. There's a big problem with NVGs for me. When I use them, I randomly get some kind of giant red object popping in and out of view. This issue seems to be related to other aircraft flying around at the same time.
  8. Hi, I'd like to report a bug. Whenever in a mission, ground units glow when moving off-road. This only happens in Liberation. If this happens to be a feature, how can I disable it?
  9. Never mind, it was something on my computer. It wasn't your fault. :)
  10. Hi I'd just just like to report that the framerate cuts in half when I have this mod installed. I have no idea why.
  11. With modded aircraft I noticed that the plane gets jittery when performing a high angle-of-attack maneuver, most noticeable in a barrel roll. It gets disorienting, especially in VR. I'm not sure a track file would show this kind of behavior.
  12. Hi! I just want to report that unguided bombs like the Mk.82 don't work. The only way to use them is by using launch permission override and hoping they will hit the target.
  13. When the sun visor is lowered, there are weird transparency glitches on the canopy when viewed from the outside. The visor appears to be rendered in front of the canopy glass when viewed at certain angles (see attached images). There are no issues when viewed from the front glass.
  14. Am I really the only one to have noticed that the default gun sound for the Mirage is the same as the M2 machine gun? I fixed this myself via a sound mod, but I think the DEFA-554 should sound like the GSh-30.
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