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  1. Yea, I'm doing my tests on the free-flight PG, which spawns over Dubai. Never been able to get close to the numbers mentioned. Also, for my sake, seeing how often the FPS drops below 45 is more important than the average FPS, which might get skewed from looking at the sky mostly if in a dogfight or somesuch. If it can run around 60fps in areas with a lot going on, like over cities and such, that would be nice. However, I guess that requires a rather low resolution on my part
  2. Yea, I agree on that :). Was just trying to find the magical setting, or something I had done wrong to get somewhere close to the FPS you achieved. So if I leave SteamVR global at 100%, and set per application resolution to 29%, then I'm getting more than 80fps myself, which seems to be the setting I was missing
  3. I was just looking at post 1 and post 3. In post 3 he shows his global SteamVR setting, which is set to 54%, then in post1 there is the per application DCS settings which is set to 54% as well. If you reduce both of these, they multiply right? At least if I try to do the same thing:
  4. This might have been mentioned somewhere in this thread before, but just so I understand. BN is running 54% both in global SteamVR settings, and the DCS per application settings. So that means his resolution is basically at around 29% ? That would explain why I could never get anywhere close to the fps in the first post
  5. Hm. Got a 9900k myself, and my cpu never turns orange in fpsvr. Wonder if there's something fundamentally wrong somewhere in my setup
  6. Yea. Same here. 50% in steam and low settings in dcs. Flying around Persian Gulf I get around 35-60 fps, so reprojection turns off a lot :/. Just in regards to op with the 2060, to not have big hopes of a smooth experience
  7. Did you find any settings that changed your fps measurably? I also tried following BN settings, but get fps from 35-50, not even close to 90
  8. I hope I'm doing something wrong, but I have a 2080 super, and can't get a good fps even with lower resolution and low graphics
  9. Yea, I'm also running the reduced resolution as per the first post, but I'm not getting anywhere close to 90. Maybe flying over an empty ocean
  10. Just got my own G2, and I've been looking forward to trying it out in DCS. Unfortunately, I can't get a good enough FPS to where it can run smoothly. I've copied all of the settings in the first post, but I can't get anywhere near to 90FPS (and this is only free-flight single-player). Been trying out free-flight in PG, but my FPS hovers around 45 (38-50), so I'm not getting a very good experience, and not high enough to get a stable reprojection going. My system is a 9900k, 2080 super, 32gb ram
  11. Go back to complaining about the supercarrier, troll...
  12. Been having the same problem. Playing the Exigent Riviera campaign, and the mission I'm at now has a night A2A refuel. With the NVG off, there's no light whatsoever. With the NVG on, either the nav-light on the tanker is like the sun, and I can see the rest of the tanker, or the light is OK, but nothing else is really visible. Not sure if gamma will help with this. Wish you could ask the tanker to turn external lights off :p
  13. You can bind nosewheel steering. Single click turns it on, holding it turns nosewheel steering into "HI" mode where you shorter turn radius
  14. Been doing this for a while now, and feel like I'm getting better. However, for some reason, even if I turn what feels like early (like abeam the island almost) and keep around 27-30 degrees angle of bank, I still manage to get a "too long groove" score. Not sure what I can do to fix it at this point
  15. There's a nice mod for that :) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304451/
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