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  1. Kercheiz

    M-2000C WIP

    Ah no you're right, it's in 2.7
  2. According to another thread, the INS has a backup battery which lasts for a short time. You are probably wanting to relight before it's empty.
  3. Try either passing the INS in SEC mode or the aux ADI in forced mode (forward) but it’s likely that you can’t. If your ins gyro is down that message is there to force you looking at auxiliary horizon on the dash.
  4. It's not a bug per se, it's DCS way of refuelling.
  5. I own VPC panel #1, a throttle, a base+grip, and pedals. And I know how to use the VPC software... Yes, the flip switches are ON/OFF/ON. The ON triggered by the cover is associated to two logical buttons, one direct (13), one with inverted mode (14). And if I push the lever it triggers a third logical button (15) And these are used as binds as on the previous DCS screenshot. It then just works exactly as it should regarding the jettison control.
  6. No, virpil cover switches are natively not toggle impulsion buttons, but bistable ( 1 when closed and 0 when open), and they have also an inverted button programmed from scratch (0 closed, 1 open) They work perfectly with the M2000-C binds as it is. Here button 15 is lever pushed (jettison ON) which you can do only when cover is open, buttons 13 and 14 are the two opposite buttons triggered by the cover. You don't want any toggle bind for cover switches, as if you start in the wrong state, it will be inverted until you manually click the cockpit to resync.
  7. Is there any hardware flip cover with a toggle impulsion output and not a bistable output??
  8. Kercheiz

    M-2000C WIP

    Not in 2.7, it was added earlier
  9. Kercheiz

    M-2000C WIP

    You need to designate the IP once at least.
  10. Do you follow exactly the same steps in open beta and stable ?
  11. I'd rather point at the skills, then
  12. Sticky 2.7 thread in M2000 forum...
  13. I have noticed that rearming heavy stores such as fuel tanks, does sometimes make the alignment fail, when the plane shakes. IRL they never rearm, start the engine, and even use the ladder during alignment, as it's sensitive to any vibration. Remember that alignment consists in calibrating an accelerometer down to 0.00001g and sensing the earth rotation... you don't want to shake the plane during that.
  14. Did you try if it's still usable with VR controllers? Edit : I tried with mouse and it makes right click + mouse wheel unusable (which most people use). Left click + wheel is much more difficult to do on a standard mouse for a right hand. Definitely a regression.
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