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  1. Damit, mine is ordered for 6 weeks but no news of stocks. I might have one without controllers quicker. Are the controllers usable in DCS? I'm quite happy with the Oculus Touch controllers but if the G2 ones are not so usable, I'd could switch to the mouse.
  2. Another advantage of using it as a slave, is you can have a mode selector working as a shift for both devices (and without using DCS modifiers)
  3. The panel can be connected: 1) To the throttle 2) To the Mongoost base (Not the WarBRD which has no input port) 3) Directly to the computer. In the last case, it is seen as an independent device. In the two first cases, it is seen as an extension of the "master" device, adding buttons and axis. I just received my panel and hesitate between using it independently or as the throttle, before doing all my binds... As an independent device you have one extra profile to manage, while attached you don't need to, but is probably more prone to be a big mess s
  4. Ah thanks, I did not know you could import/export from the game, instead of managing files by hand.
  5. Hi, Is it worthwhile to try staying undetected by ennemy AI, by turning the radar off, staying low in the mountains, and getting close only from behind? Or will they detect you magically only by some basic range trigger?
  6. Hi, I have looked for nice guarded switches for a while, all the models I find are huge, bulky and ugly... (example) Do you know where I could find some nice ones such as on the Mirage 2000 ? They are super sleek! More specifically, where do you find high quality, metal switches? Thanks!
  7. Hi, Few questions about the software 1) Is there a way to avoid HID GUID change when upgrading the firmware? This breaks all the binds as DCS sees the control as different hardware. I can rename the input diff files to the new names with the new GUIDs, but this is quite cumbersome with 3 controls and many modules... 2) What is the difference between Encoder Dial and Encoder Scroll button modes? 3) Is there a way to change a LED color depending on an axis position, without defining axis-to-button and setting that button as a shift button? I want t
  8. Ah thanks, I had found a totally obsolete page about which had a much shorter list of supported aircraft.
  9. Hi, In the Mirage 2000, there are no built-in binds for most dials such as tacan digits. It's possible to add manually an analog axis for the digits in default.lua, but it's not convenient. It's also possible to add discrete buttons for each digit value such as : TACAN 0, TACAN 1 ... TACAN 9, etc... and TACAN 00, TACAN 10, .... TACAN 90 But then, since I don't want to have physical buttons for each digit, I would like to have an encoder HID input activate 10 virtual buttons sequentially in a loop. Is there a remapper software able to do that? Thanks!
  10. Yes, I'm a c++ developper so I have the bad habit of solving every problem with some c++ code, even where some scripting such as python would be much less stupid :)
  11. Hi, Is it possible to mix hid devices with classical dcs-bios arduino panels in DCS-BIOS, I mean without relying on DCS binds, but setting up everything in DCS BIOS? That's because I have a HID throttle, and I would like to control stuff which isn't controllable by binds in DCS, but can be in DCS BIOS. (For instance, the M-2000 UHF PRESET knob has no bind, you can add them in defaults.lua, but it then requires 20 different binds, one for every channel, and 20 HID buttons, which is impratical, you can't have CH+/CH- binds for use with an encoder) Having a single DCS BIOS config for
  12. Hi, In the Mirage 2000 module, a lot of binds are missing, such as (not restricted to) most increase/decrease for volume, channels, cockpit lighting, etc... Looking at the clickabledata.lua code did not help, it provided the device id for the corresponding knobs, but with these you can only create binds assigning a fixed value, for instance with a volume knob you would have to create individual binds for setting the value 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.20 etc... not very usable. I was looking for increase/decrease binds that I may assign to an encoder. Some of these are in the module file "com
  13. Hi! I'm interested by the ideas for converting singles>dual! I have thought of some 3d printed gears, but it will take lots of time & money for something not very reliable... Changing the tracks is also something super time consuming I guess... if you want to do a full cockpit. I have ordered a Bourns dual channel. They have a long shaft but lowering the pot should be the easiest solution.
  14. But, how does it know the way I wired it? Can you configure it somewhere?
  15. Hi, In the documentation for this board (BU0836A), it is said it can be used as a 6x6 matrix or 12 direct buttons wiring. But how is that seen from the game controller in Windows? Does the board dematrix the inputs and expose the 32 buttons + hat? > In that case how can you use it as 12 direct button wiring?? Or does it show only the 12 inputs as buttons? > In that case how do you dematrix via software? I suppose DCS is not able to dematrix, using modifiers as rows could maybe work? Thanks!
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