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  1. Hi, The other day, on a busy server, I had these values. (Sorry for the low res, VR screenshots can't be better) What does these mean?
  2. Hi, I'm adding a F10 menu item through missionCommands.addCommandForCoalition Is there any way to retrieve the group or client which triggered the menu item in the called function? Thanks!
  3. When I have a radar+magic lock (triangle around target), the IFF "A" doesn't appear on the HUD. Is this a bug or a real behavior of the mirage? This makes identification after a merge super tricky in some situations, and you often can't fire your fox2 without a heavy risk of killing the wrong target.
  4. I have tried setting the UHF ARC-159 Function Inc/Dec binds on an encoder. It doesn't work : one bind does nothing, the other one toggles between OFF and BOTH The UHF ARC-159 Mode Inc/Dec binds (Preset/Manual/Guard), on the other hand, work as it should.
  5. The Mirage is definitely way behind against fox3 aircraft. However, it's super challenging and rewarding. You have to rely on discretion (radar off, low level terrain flying in the mountains), observation (contrail spotting, RWR, AWACS messages) to sneak below ennemy aircraft, fast climb and shoot your missiles from behind/below. And leave the place quickly before another patrol spots you. You won't have a very good kill/death ratio, but that's way more fun than firing fox3 from 40nm.
  6. I can confirm the bug is still there. I can relight after a manual in-flight engine stop, or after a high altitude flameout, but not after inverted flight.
  7. Hi, I have a i7 6800K. The multiplier for 3-6 active cores is 40x and for 1-2 active cores is 44x. Base frequency is 100MHz. Now, when running DCS or another single thread app, the reported active core count is 1 and sometimes 2, never more. However, the "Max Core Frequency" reported by XTU is 4.00GHz, not 4.40GHz. Do you know what could be the cause? Thanks!
  8. You can bind them, but it requires a small hack to the mod. The file is attached (open for instructions). This gives an axis for the UHF/VHF channels, and binds for VHF keys. At each DCS update, the default.lua file will be overwritten, you need to insert the three lines again. galinette-m2k.lua
  9. I can confirm the FPM now moves diagonally with rudder input at 90° bank angle, instead of laterally. The bug is still there.
  10. I can confirm this works now in the OB. Only the mouse wheel support was removed, which is somewhat disappointing, but at least the offset is now usable.
  11. I wanted to try VR cockpit clicking with my Virpil grip thumbstick & thumbwheel. In DCS, you can set joystick binds for left/right mouse buttons, and wheel up/down. But you can't use the ministick axis for moving the mouse. So I made a small autohotkeys script for moving the mouse cursor with two axis. Now the analog thumbstick moves the mouse, while clicking on it is left mouse button. The wheel acts as the mouse wheel, and clicking on wheel is right mouse button. This gives full mouse control with the grip hand thumb. I don't know if I will keep t
  12. I've played with the excellent DCS Menu Nav autohotkey script, but it wasn't fulfilling perfectly what I needed: - Sounds somewhat intrusive - The OSD wasn't visible in VR so I had to rely on sound only - The menu doesn't contain all the F keys so the OSD can't be placed properly in all cases I did some heavy modifications/tests and ended up with a very simple script which just moves the actual mouse cursor to one of the 12 menu entries, cycles through it, and allows mouse click. So now, I have a clickable encoder, which places the mouse over the menu entries, and cl
  13. No, the alignment is wrong in FS2020 which has direct WMR support. What I believe, is that other environment make you look at infinity less often, and some divergence strain is compensated by looking to closer objects. In flight sims, you are most of the time looking at infinity for long periods, and slight image divergence causes high strain. This is well known in the stereo/VR industry, having objects at infinity is avoided whenever possible as it's super incomfortable with not perfectly aligned hardware.
  14. Now I'm very happy with my custom DCS aligment, I can play 3 hours without significant eye strain. I just tested with FS2020... after 15 min it was hurting due to divergence. So it does not seem a DCS issue. But G2s seem to be calibrated like ass.
  15. I have found an interesting workaround, I put my binds in a separate file. Then, in default.lua, I only have to add three lines which will include the other file. My separate file is not overwritten during updates, just the include lines, which I keep commented in the separate file. Attached, an example for M2000-C and F14B galinette-f14bp.luagalinette-m2k.lua
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