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  1. Generally sounds like you're doing the right thing...check laser code is still set correctly? should be 1688 as default. I also always auto lase longer than 6 seconds, which is probably incorrect but I like to be sure, typically use around 15 secs.
  2. Ah ok, I think in later missions I keep things on screen until you press space.
  3. Like Frederf as said, double check all the settings in the cockpit, EAC is the most likely candidate. There's nothing in the campaign that will interfere with the autopilot and no sneaky failures scripted in by me.
  4. To be honest I thought I had something likev that in place already, either that or a way to recall the coords if needed. Exclusively a VR user myself so I always need the help too. Is there a particular mission you have noticed it on or is it a problem throughout?
  5. Ok I'll double check make sue nothings gone wrong, note that changing the start time won't help, the TOT will just move forward as its based on a timer from mission start not a specific time.
  6. Cool, thanks for the offer if something comes up I'll let you know!
  7. How long are you spending on start up? TOTs can get tricky as everyone has different versions of how thoroughly they start the aircraft and perform tests etc, this issue came up in testing so looked for a middle ground which seems to work for most, I think it will be a struggle if you perform all the tests etc but there is enough time to do a cold start with full GPS alignment, takes me 5 or 6 minutes from memory.
  8. Thanks! I think from memory you are probably good for 12,13,14 and 15. I think M16 might need leaving.
  9. Yeah it is really hard...harder than intended to be honest, NVGs effectiveness was nerfed during development so ad it harder than it originally was.
  10. Excellent, glad you enjoyed and thanks for purchasing!
  11. Hi, thanks for reporting. The magical appearing wingmen have always been there, back when I built the mission I didn't know then how to stop them starting up straight away so had to resort to spawning them in later. The slow wingman is a bug with the A-10, you'll see it on a few missions your wingman always lags behind you. I think it has something to do with the wind upsetting the AI, hopefully we'll see a fix at some point.
  12. The time limit won't be an issue, I believe this just affects the mission score if you haven't killed all three before the attack starts. The three targets are an SA-9, a ZU-57 and a truck mounted AAA, the only condition to proceed is to have killed all three so the most likely issue is killing the wrong targets. Think Ronnie gives you coords for each if you ask him so should hopefully be easy enough to ID. Hope that helps!
  13. Just to close the loop on this one for anyone reading in the future. Could not reproduce, I'm 99% sure this was due to a damaged VHF antenna, which would explain a one sided conversation. If anyone else has this issue please let me know.
  14. Ah ok, can't remember which radio the JTACs are on, if they're on VHF FM radio it could be that it's just that antenna as the others are UHF and AM. But either way I'll check it out and see what's going on.
  15. Ok thanks, it's possible one of your radio antenna was damaged, stopping you from receiving messages. The trigger that detects radio frequency and plays the radio message makes no provision for the radio actually still working or not, I have seen it happen in testing before. I'll run some tests to be sure as soon as I can.
  16. OK thanks I'll check. Just to rule out the possibility had you taken any hits at all? I have had this happen before after eating a MANPAD and damaging the radio.
  17. Thanks, I'll check it out. Can you remember which JTAC/freq it was?
  18. Best advice is to stay high as much as possible, only drop lower when you absolutely need to when using the gun etc. When you go low use a flare programme to pump then out regularly, I usually modify one of the CMS programmes to drop 1 flare a second for 20-30 seconds. As soon as I enter MANPAD range I pump them out as a preemptive measure.
  19. Please see picture below, blue circle is the RPG team, black circle is the burning wreck so hope that helps. Cloud cover is there intentionally to provide more challenge as you are deeper into the campaign and to force you to operate lower in AAA/MANPAD range. With regards to feedback on this, I've had some say they don't like the added difficulty please change and some say they love it, please leave...the dilemmas we campaign devs face .
  20. Thanks for flagging, sounds like new behaviour from the AI, I'll dig into into it and see what's going on
  21. Hi, thanks for the kind words! I think most of the missions will work OK if you change the loadouts, I didn't tie many of the triggers in the campaign to weapons use so for the most part it should be ok. I'll just caveat that though by saying that there are a couple of missions that this isn't the case (although I can't recall which ones right now) and that if you push it too far you can upset the difficulty balance of the campaign, so the experience may not be as intended.
  22. No probs, I agree, if we can get a save system in the future this would be great. I am breaking up and putting in a checkpoint on some of the longer, challenging missions in the next campaign I'm working on but a save system would be perfect. Was probably the radio signal on mission 11 that you're referring to. This was an optional extra, results in quite a lot of fun SCUD action but by no means mandatory. There are two ways of triggering this task, either approaching the later waypoints (from memory it's maybe 9 or 10) above or below the cloud. Above the cloud means you are hidden from the ground unit so have to track them down, idea was to use ADF to home in on the signal. If you're below the cloud then they see you on contact you directly.
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