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  1. I am pleased to offer an early look at the first mission of Operation Cerberus North by Ground Pounder Sims, an in development campaign for the F/A-18C Hornet and Syria map. Following on from the events of A-10 campaign ‘Operation Persian Freedom’, Operation Cerberus North will pit RAF exchange pilot David ‘Steep’ Hill and his new VMFA-232 squadron mates into a deep and immersive campaign set in Syria and the surrounding area. OCN offers an incredibly detailed and immersive scenario, based on months of research and fully utilises the potential of the Syria map to bring to life the
  2. Thanks, hope you enjoy! Let me know if you run into any problems, big updates always make me nervous!
  3. I believe so, thats purely in EDs hands but if I understand correctly the steam release always follows the standalone by a few weeks or so.
  4. Persian Freedom is 16 missions, usually between 1.5-2 hours per mission. Feel free to get in touch with any questions! Discord https://discord.gg/F6x7G4buJk
  5. Look like today is the day, almost a year exactly from starting work on it Persian Freedom is to be released! Thanks to all those who have supported with testing, voice acting, bug reporting and most importantly by showing enthusiasm for the project, without that I would probably have never made it to the end!
  6. The A10 clock switched from local time to Zulu time a few updates back, can't remember off the top of my head what the difference is for Caucuses is but you'll have to work out the difference and alter the TOT accordingly.
  7. Thank you! I had ben on the CJTF site for research but somehow missed this bit.
  8. Thanks for the feedback ChuckyChuck! Not yet, campaign is with ED at the moment for review so they're setting the pace. Hopefully have an update soon.
  9. I thought this question might come up! To clear up the confusion, the letter submitted to ED was edited down slightly, the edit however appears to have been done by ED and it looks to me like a few bits got lost in translation (as well as incorrectly putting the Persian Freedom title on the screen shot submitted but hey ho never mind). Persian Freedom is for the A-10C and A-10C II and will hopefully be with you soon, the follow up campaign I'm working on is for the Hornet and Syria map. It's a follow on to Persian Freedom, with the storyline of OPF having ramifications on the situation in S
  10. Also check the wheel-brake binding under the axis menu, sometimes thing get accidentally bound to the wrong axis.
  11. And another trailer, making use of the epic battle going on in mission 16!
  12. I'm sure it will, no expert on cards and settings but I ran DCS in VR for several years on a 1070 with no issues before I upgraded. There's plenty of scope for tuning the graphics options so I'm sure you'll finds the settings that work best for you.
  13. I don't believe so, campaign files are encrypted. From a learning perspective I'd suggest looking at missions from the user files section or (I think) the missions/training missions folder from DCS and breaking these apart. That's exactly how I learnt, Sedlo and BD both provided me with lots of inspiration and made me think "how did they do that?" and start experimenting. Feel free to look at my missions as well if it helps - I took a lot of learnings from others. I've got four samples up on user files... Mission 1: ---> https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311
  14. Just completed the trailer for the upcoming A-10 campaign Operation Persian Freedom. Hopefully gives a flavour of what's to come...with thanks to the voice actors who supplied their talents for the missions, some of which ended up in this trailer. Hopefully to be released early 2021.
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