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  1. Can confirm, still down at this time
  2. Seems like the server is offline/has some problems, not showing up in the list.
  3. Hi guys, in the mission "Hold the line" the waypoints for the a10a seem to be "shifted" by 1 position (eg. waypoint 6 is actually the eastern red farp), don't know if it's an alredy known problem.
  4. It is for some units and in certain missions I think. In Swedish delivery the jtac/commander can control tanks/aaa/sams, but you can't control individual units in deployed sams like SA 6 and HAWK. At least you could before the latest update.
  5. Smart move, but the chat screenshot proves you wrong
  6. Seems there is not awacs or ewr to contact in "Two Towns" mission on blue side, dont know about red ATM.
  7. GREAT, can't wait to try it out
  8. I think strafing FARPs is a viable tactic as long as it is made quite challenging to do, by defending them with some powerful close range aa like Tunguskas and such on both sides.
  9. That's because shilkas turn on their radars only when you get close, so 2/3 nm at best, for sa 6 and similar it's a different story
  10. They can carry sidearms, a modified aim 9 (C I believe) with a radiation seeker head, works like HARM but shorter range (10nm at best), no pod needed.
  11. In "search and destroy" a message popped up saying "blue holds fasa town" even though there were neither red or blue units on the point.
  12. Suggestions for gameplay improvements Hi all! This is my first post on the forum so i would like to bring something new to the discussion. I played a lot of times on "The deserts has eyes" mission and it feels like it's missing something, usually both sides manage to destroy all the ewrs on the map in the first couple hours, GCIs go basically blind and i feel like im flying without a purpose, so i would like to suggest some modifications that could make playing on that map more stimulating. (this is just food for thought for us all to reflect upon) This is what i thought about:
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