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  1. absolutely agree, I was looking at the CH FIGHTERSTICK but its sooooo old school and they pretty much gave up on it. They haven't come up with anything new since many years ago. PLUS it doesn't have Z axis for rudder. That really held me back. I am very glad I didn't buy it.....heheee
  2. thanks so much for the good news. That means Joystick Gremlin is the go-between for these 2 software to work, is that correct? I was thinking if there is a way for TARGET to activate VKB software and that in turn, will activate the DCS.exe
  3. yes I agree The situation now is those are already made and they can dumb them done and remove those clickable features, thus creating a lower tier product and hence another sale option. Most companies does this. They done all the work for the top product and differentiate the lower end product by merely removing features that SOME buyers don't want. (of course charging less for it) Its good business model.
  4. nice can it work with Thrustmasters Throttle TWCS and its TARGET software? looks like TARGET activate the game and VKB software will then be bypassed ???
  5. I find myself setting keyboard and mouse rate as slow each time, so I wonder if there is a way to set them as default in the game, ie edit some lua files to have them default to slow. Thanks
  6. thanks guys Finally got the answer. It did take a bit of work. I note the older models doesn't have it so I assume it must be some kind of sensor.
  7. would sequence mean it will cycle through EACH and every one of those mapping? What I need is to jump to 2nd without going through 1st? I tried that and it seems to cycle through each and every one of the presses. ie, will activate 1stm,2nd and then 3rd bindings.
  8. this pic shows the port side, but the starboard side of the wheel has a BLACK device, what is that black device? Sorry I don't know the name of this part, just infront of the wheel housing. http://data3.primeportal.net/hangar/don_busack/a-10a_thunderbolt_ii/images/a-10a_thunderbolt_ii_19_of_70.jpg
  9. Antoine/ in this example, I MUST go through N before I can reach M. Is that correct? My intention is to get M without going through N. thanks
  10. thanks guys Sorry I forgot to mention I was only using the TARGET GUI. The scripting is too difficult for me. Thus far, i managed the Upper, Middle, Down layers, as well as the IO sublayer. ( took me a while) For the sequence, can i skip press N and go straight to press M, ( in this example ) 1 st press activate N 2nd press activate M 3rd press activate G ie, press twice to get only M
  11. is there a way to press the same button multiple times to get different key binds. ie 1 st press activate N 2nd press activate M 3rd press activate G I understand the various layers and IO sublayer. BUT not the multiple press thing. Could someone show an example how it can be done? thanks
  12. have you guys tried the Harrier and Huey? its VERY different and distinct experience. Now I am looking at my joystick a little differently....
  13. Flaming Cliff 4 : helos and harrier How does that grab you? After trying out the Free Helos month, I am beginning to see the other side of flight sim that has been neglected, or just didn't sound so sexy. BUT its really fun and gives an entirely different experience. Maybe its time for Flaming Cliff 4 :)
  14. Skeinon/ could you elaborate the "cycle action"? I am most keen to learn how to use this. is it part of "sequence" function? what I cant figure out is that by the time you click twice, the 2nd click would have triggered an action, ie before you could reach 3rd click.... thanks
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