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  1. Think you need to have the application open to be able to access the application specific settings.
  2. Sorry Fox, Settling with power has nothing to do with hitting the ground. Vortex ring state is sometimes referred to as settling with power. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sees these terms as synonymous. If the helicopter is settling in its own rotor wash (I.E Vortex Ring State) that would be settling with power. If I don't have enough engine power to reduce my rate of descent in time that that either a lack of performance planning, or potentially mushing if I'm flying like a dumb ass.
  3. Yes VRS = Settling with Power. and as long as you are above ETL all sins are forgiven, VRS / Settling with power wise.
  4. To get in to Vortex Ring State, or Settling with Power you need to check these three boxes, Speed Below ETL 16-24 Knots (This is not speed across the ground, but wind through the rotor system) Rate of Decent greater then 300 FPM And Power applied 20-80% For Single Rotor Helicopters the primary corrective action use to be forward cyclic to fly out of it, now lateral cyclic is the new "hotness" for corrective action.
  5. Full disclaimer, I have never conducted In Air Refueling in a real Jet, I have conducted Helicopter Air to Air Refueling (HAAR) a ton, in an airframe that has the refueling probe inside the rotor disk. The first day of training on the Tanker wasn’t even allowed to try and get on the basket just move from the observation position to a good astern position maintain it, then back to the observation position, rinse and repeat for an hour or so. The second day I was allowed to try and get on the basket, some success and lots of misses. Third day I could stay on the basket in straight and level f
  6. FADEC

    JTAC Issues

    Have almost the same issue, accept after respond with ready to copy I get ABORT, ABORT, ABORT, non stop, have to change freqs for it to go away
  7. Does this also work in MP? I would like to display a retasking message to a group once a trigger is achieved, I would like to give each player the ability to dismiss the message when they are ready. Thanks for the help!
  8. They where ANVIS 6 with the image green image intensifier swapped out for the WP image intensifier. Far as the model number of the specific WP image intensifier I'm not sure. I do know that that during the manufacturing process there is a much higher reject rate due to image quality for WP NVGs. With DOD getting the best performing tubes.
  9. They look right to me I have flown white phosphors NVG's, they about right to me. I agree that it is probably mistake, but IRL they do not have a blue tint at all. Also IRL white phosphors NVGS are 1 Million times better then the old "green" NVGs, with the only slight draw back being used in an area with lots of culture lighting, but you get use to it.
  10. Hope you keep posting pictures of the progress!
  11. AUTONOMUS STATE Seems like you can only set the AUTONOMUS_STATE once either DCS_AI or Dark. I was trying to make the SAMs go active when a connection node was targeted, the go off once the SAM power source was targeted.
  12. Streakeagle thanks for the advice! Will that also keep my jumpseat from rumbling during straight and level flight? Yes I have engine and APU rumble off.
  13. Hard to find posts about adjusting the settings for the Jetseat!
  14. Shack, Couple of questions, I see that you are using a HP REVERB, did you have to mess with motion cancelation or anything like that? Also you need two separate outlets each on a dedicated 20amp breaker? Thanks, again looks amazing!
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