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  1. That's what you want is that's what you get. Simply the best glider with monolithic state of the art DB 605D.
  2. Some more material regarding the issue... We have unfinished armored windshield that we look at 90 percent of our time spent in FW 190-A8 sim. The armored glass has been mounted inside of the frame (see picture) but in the present model is suspended in the air without any support. Awkward and unrealistic. Devs please check another photo of the real thing and DCS Dora windshield which is also older build. I have personally observed unrestored FW 190-F8 windshield and can confirm the same. Yes, the armored glass was greenish in that particular case.
  3. As from the last update I see the Mk 108 is auto charging without need to press the button. Pressing charge button now does nothing. Edit: Actually it does work under the condition that the aircraft has been handled from the cold start.
  4. Exactly and not only when lean out from the cockpit. One can clearly see from the cockpit looking at the windshield that is missing external frame which should overlap its edges. See also short video Our Fw 190 is missing outside frame.
  5. It seems it's map dependent. Caucasus, Syria and Nevada maps makes no issues.
  6. Canopy is remaining attached to the cockpit after jettison. While in external view shows correctly canopy is missing.
  7. I have already mentioned this problem in another tread but lets report in bugs tread. According Pilot Operating Instructions manual there is statement: Do not lower landing gear at speeds in excess of 200 mph. Flight model is ignoring such a massive landing gear parasitic drag. No damage whatsoever even passing 400mph. No airframe vibration and no performance consequences. By the way there is a report from Ju 87 Stuka pilot surprised how much better his plane suddenly flew. Later he realized he lost his landing gear colliding with some obstacle.
  8. Navigation lights reflection on aircraft skin is missing on P-47D model. The other WW2 airplanes has this feature.
  9. That yellow line is to distinguish/separate flight instruments gauges from the rest of the system. For the P-47 in particular I'm not sure when and on what models has been implemented. Maybe someone else has more info on that matter?
  10. Correct, early variant have metal gunsight too. The anti glare shield is also missing. There are razorback images without metal gunsight though. Unfortunately for that photo I don't have any information so it could be the bubble top early. Definitely not the late 30/40 version. Here is the photo of bubble top early 30 version. Note the cockpit light is the same type as one used on the side wall.
  11. I would like to come back to the subject and point out another feature that is typical for the early Razorback version. Front instrument panel flexible arm lights. They are beautifully rendered in our D30/40 cockpit but somehow historically not belong in it. See another view of the right cockpit wall and how radios and map bag are mounted. Officially came from the airplane manual. I think these details are not up to the standard set by the rest of the module. I have a feeling that P-47D project started as Razorback and later changed to Bubble-top for some reason. Maybe we w
  12. What I meant was squeal of the original shoe brakes if it was any in reality. Somebody more familiar can chime in. I think it would be useful to have audible feedback when we use brakes.
  13. Thanks :) I would add brake squeal and gear creak too. DCS WW2 shines in ground handling department.
  14. Tried Syria map and after frequent WEP triggering 3 or 4 times nada. It stops. By the way video is 11:43 min so it should be still available for 5 minutes. Don't know if WEP was reliable system in real life situation.
  15. I have tested WEP on my side and I con confirm the same behavior. If I fly level flight or positive G I can activate it as many times as I like but once going to negative G it will completely lock out and no mater you do will never turn back. Most likely a bug that should be addressed.
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