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  1. Hi VonWerner and thanks for your feedback. I'll change the description to put the liveries into "Saved Games\DCS\Liveries" instead "Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\Liveries Import\" if it works better.
  2. Hi ! After some investigations, I'm confused ... On my PC, for this skin : - The folder name is "Iraqi Air Force" (the default name when you unzip this livery) - In the "description.lua" file, the last line is name = "Iraqi Mirage" - In the DCS Mission Editor, in the liveries list, the name is "Iraqi Mirage" - when I unzip the .miz files and open the "mission" file (with notepad for example), the livery_id = "iraqi air force" (why ?!?) But in any case, on my PC, it works ! So ... I don't understand the difference with your config and why it's not workin
  3. "Blood and Sand : A Mirage Story" is a fictional 5 mission campaign for the Mirage 2000C, fully voiced-over, taking place during Iran–Iraq War. Briefing doc and kneeboard available for each mission. Situation : November 1987. The war has been lasting for more than 7 years. In the sky, Iranian F-14s have no challenger. Despite daring and often successful air fights, the Iraqi Mirages F1EQ can't contest the Tomcat's superiority and must also carry out ground and antiship strikes. But there is good news for Iraq : The two first Mirages 2000 are just coming from France.
  4. Unfortunately, you are far from reality. Mirage 2000-5 can't carry the Meteor. So far only Rafale, Eurofighter, and Gripen can do that (F-35 in project). As far as we know, there is no project to add it on the Mirage 2000 whatever the version or the operator. So honestly, absolutly no chance to see the Meteor on the Razbam Mirage 2000C ...
  5. Hi everyone, I have the same question and for one years there is no answer on this thread ... ...
  6. Campaign completed ! Really thrilling. I'm sure it made me a better F18 pilot. Happy to read you are working on a new campaign, I will keep an eye on it ...
  7. Hi Glyn, First, thank you for this campaign. After the free to play one, I was looking forward playing the sequel. So far (mission 5) I am not disappointed. It's excellent and I really enjoy playing "Ford" again. By the way, I have some remarks : 1- (not specific to this mission) Waypoints of the flight are not showed on the F10 map. I suppose it's the problem described HERE . But in some others missions / campaigns (see the thread), waypoints appear. Do you know why ? 2- I spend several minutes in the official manual to find how to switch to the right "precise" format. The briefing d
  8. Any news ? If it's not a bug; could an ED official explain if it is a option in the mission editor (and where) ?
  9. 2- Don't see any "black dot labels" in this mission or the 2nd Red Flag mission I played too (by the way great mission also !) 4- You're right, I was slightly on the right of the runway before the left break
  10. Congratulations Sedlo for this strongly built and really interesting mission. I can hardly imagine the amount of work it takes. I played it several times. Overall it works pretty well but I have some comments : 1- The behavior of our wingman is totally insane. I know it's a common DCS problem and not specific to this mission but it's amazing. How is it possible to have so smart AI ... except when the AI is your wingman ? He does anything except what would be useful and finally he reaches bingo fuel and ejects despite 3 tanks and the AAR ?!? Unbelievable ... 2- Labels are disable even after
  11. Is it a joke ? I'm puzzled ... Because this "bug" doesn't concern all the missions. For instance, in these following missions, we can see our own waypoints : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3312190/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3312980/ https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3312092/ So what's the difference / the option to show or hide the waypoint of the player ???
  12. No problem. I have the Hornet module. I'll try with it.
  13. Too bad :( ... I wanted to try ... Thank you for your quick answer !
  14. It seems this mission is no longer available in the "User files" part ... Is it normal ?
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