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  1. Pretty please, yes! +1 faillures for client aircrafts in MP
  2. Hello Snoopy, Is it still WIP ?
  3. Hello guys, Any update on this ? Are the radios working now and synchronised with the L-39 ? Is it possible to do some PBN or interesting ops with this and the L-39 ? Available in the ZA ? Is it possible to do some instrument approaches with this ?
  4. Hello, Noticed a few issues on the L-39 with my friends in multicrew Engine start from the rear seat works, but on the pilot computer it doesn't synchronise and stays shut down If you refuel, it only works on the pilot side. The person playing in the instructor seat doesn't get the fuel Failures aren't synchronised in MP Also it would be nice to have some beacons for the L-39 on Persian and Syria...... Would it be possible to fix these?
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