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  1. @BIGNEWY do you think someone from the DCS VR dev team could take a peek at this and provide some feedback? I would really appreciate that... That might help people with neck issues or those who due to different issues cannot play in 90-degrees sited position.
  2. zhukov032186, FYI subject of my post might by a little bit off, as I'm not considering it a DCS bug but rather a field for a nice improvement. Simple floor-height orientation setup would not address this. The whole "forward" projection vector needs to be tilted, by offsetting gyro readout. From the DCS engine point of view, I think this could be handled via the before-mentioned configurable tilt angle applied to the projection pipeline. Are you part of the DCS development team so that your negative answer is based on actual deep technical knowledge of the engine? If not, I would reall
  3. Hi, today, when you fly in a reclined position with Oculus (e.g. sitting on a recliner chair etc) you cannot force center of view to be in front of your eyes - you have to lean heavy forward to see the cockpit. It looks like the "center VR view" allows only for horizontal re-orientation on Oculus, not vertical. According to this thread: this works properly on Oddyssey+, but not on Oculus.
  4. So i guess that has to be addressed on an DCS engione level. I wonder what's the best way to push such a feature request to the DEV team...
  5. Nope, I tried and it functions similarly to Oculus' settings default behaviour - it adjusts horizontal direction only. What I want is to adjust vertical tilt as well - so that I can tilt on my chair backwards and still have cockpit centered in front of my eyes.
  6. Hi, I'm using a slightly tilted/reclined chair for comfort - the problem is that when I rest my head comfortably my view-port is aiming in the sky and to see the cockpit instruments I have to tilt my head down significantly thus straining it uncomfortably. Is there any way to force the center of view to be tilted slightly backwards? "Reset the viewport" in oculus menu solves misalignment in horizontal axis and it looks like gyro input are taking precedence over any viewport settings. Looks like only offsetting the gyros by some angle would help... Any idea?
  7. That was it. Slider "got" assigned to it and was affecting radar elevation. Thanks for spotting it, it was in front of my eyes yet too many things to learn still :)
  8. Hi, please see attached both screenshot and the trk file. Somehow I cannot make a better screenshot using PrtScn, but the yellow range numbers on the slew cursor on the radar strangely show "-99" and "-99" (in both RWS and TWS modes). 2 bars should be enough as bandits are almost on the same altitude as I am, but switching to 4B did not fix anything anyway... NOTE: the same problem appears in the latest stable DCS version as well, so this is not only beta-specific... radarBVRProblem2.trk
  9. I thought the same so I raised it to 6 bars just to be double sure - this didn't help... Like you advised, I will post the radar screenshot next time I will fly the mission. Thanks. BTW bandits are almost exactly on the same altitude than me (35000 ft) when this is happening...
  10. Thanks MacEwan, but for me it looks like it's a different beast than reported there. Unless I interpret wrong what's happening. I mean what I get on a radar looks like (from Chuck's guide) IFF Datalink showing a hostile and I cannot interact with in any way even after pointing at it with hotas... Every single A/A BVR tutorial shows nice green dots that you can focus targeting on. In reality it's more often broken than functional (fixed/broken cycle happening from version to version update). Ssssoooo frustrated. This is a sick situation - taken into account all DCS radar bugs I cannot
  11. Hi Guys, Using latest 2.5.6 BETA. Read Chuck's guide and spent hoooous on video guides. Background: this is driving me crazy... I've been flying GrowlingSidewinder's Desert Storm mission over and over again. After killing SAMs with HAARM, you need to switch to A/A and engage some Mig 29s. I made my live easier by changing my loadout to AMRAAMs (newbie). Problem: BVA used to work properly, but suddenly (just like that one day) after switching from HAARM A/G mode to A/A mode (by selecting AMRAAM on Hotas) my radar no more allows me to assign targets in BVA mode in both TWS and R
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