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  1. On 3d is even worse, i stopped use it since it can drop from 45fps in VR to 20is. And make me sick in minutes.
  2. Game stays on in background and only way to switch it off is by task menager > end process. I notice it by discord status staing on after hours i left game. And its stills use pc processing power.
  3. Loosing over 20fps in mi8, on persian gulf. Using VR
  4. Bring lazer back. Its soo hard to fly anything right now, that was my main "controller", and i cant reach every button now, mostly coused by my metal rig. And yea for me oculus vr hand is half way forward too.
  5. +1 Cockpit floor, and cyclic shine way too much.
  6. Mars absolutely nailed my opionion, i can add cringe effect coused by tiny model body that make me feel just weird as im tall, and most games do tiny bodies from my perspective. So meh.
  7. Yea, check Helitak doesnt looks like need lots of detailing to make one. And they even own one dedicated for huey, and mi8/17. Unless guys gonna sort a bucket. Still imo, server even would have some mendatory mods, wouldnt loose on players, i think more will come, as a humans we like look at stuff . And fact that they pool good looking farps etc, on vanilla dcs with is boring and ugly af. they deserve on big standing applause . I do believe aswell that finding people with 3d skills would be easy. As they server pool quite big rotor head attention last days. All they need is discord
  8. 35 average is mine ping with server mate . Im located in uk and got good broadband so weird to see that msg. about vr mods: UH-1 VR Friendly Prop is great mod, still waiting for mi8 tho. And better smoke v9. With one is mp and change not much, and another SP with give absolute best smoke in game you can get :D. btw. different barrel question: Do you think it would be possible to make underbody water tanks visible inlcude water drop effect?
  9. I love idea, i was looking for something since long time, well done guys! But, i cant enjoyed it fully, often after halfhour or so, i get kicked for ping. While ping on server is in average 35. Make discord guys :D! Oh and do IC is really necesary? Theres plenty of mods making dcs much nicer and smoother for VR, lots of us fly in vr and i wish to enjoy it more with nicer effects, aswell server isint competetive so should be issue right? What ya thing?
  10. So icing ON on both engines, All lights up informing about left engine icing and right, plus dust protection. When i switch off left side, all lamps go off include dust protection, while when right is off, only dust protection go off, while icing still on.
  11. I often read that mig 21 got magnetic compass and you have to take magnetic variation into your calculations, yet today me and my mate was on ift training with rsbn training, and to be honest whenever i took magnetic variation in calc, we just roll into a grass next to airport. Example airport True bearing 040 (caucas so about 6East) so 036 and boom without cheating (we train in VFR conditions) we really never make on strip. we test two of them tho. Then we tried to just screw it and go for True bearings, and everything was smooth and accurate. Looks like theres no Magnetic variat
  12. Like in title, ive tried use every possible keybind for radios, rsbn, compas and enything that can be increased or decreased. I bind them to my encoders. Works great with other modules as well ns430. Ofc i switch it off for mig 21.
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