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  1. Hi, That was the problem, added that line to the Export.lua file and working perfectly - thanks for the help.
  2. Hi, hope someone can give me a pointer as to where my problem may lie. Although the DCS log shows Tacview starting and monitoring, it seems to see no objects to record, and discards an empty file after the mission. Have reinstalled a few times but no luck - this happens both on SP and MP missions. Any clues? dcs.log
  3. Mikhail, parcel appeared today - one week delivery - amazing :) Recognized straight away by x-plane and a quick flight in the R-66 shows so much better control, particularly in hover. Build quality of the device is excellent, would recommend to anyone with no hesitation - well worth the wait :) Looking forward to getting some hours flying time in DCS gazelle - should make a big difference with that beast. Thanks again Mikhael - all the best.
  4. Hi Mikhail, I PM'd you early May, got a read receipt but no reply - just checking I am still on your list :)
  5. Mikhail, Another one for your growing list, if you add me to the end I will be happy whenever you catch up on the rest of your orders. Thanks, John
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