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  1. Here you go, thanks. Let me know if you need a video of this. f18_no_sea_radar .trk
  2. I'm trying to fire AGM-65G Mavericks using the DMT. I have it locked in DMT, uncaged on Maverick, target looks to be locked, IRMV in HUD (I have tried with it boxed and unboxed), Master Arm on, AG mode selected - but when I hit the release button nothing at all happens. Anyone think of a step I haven't taken?
  3. For the past week or so when I switch to Sea radar in the F18, though I can see coastline, the display does not show me any actual objects that are in the sea. Cycling between radar modes in AG mode all seems well in the other modes, but when I am looking to engage the enemy ships straight ahead of me, nothing shows I have played with the ranging so it isn't that. I bank my aircraft and head towards the friendly carrier and her escorts and they are not showing either. In the attached images you can see I am 60 miles from the ships, but nothing is shown on the Sea Rad
  4. I'm in a Harrier with TPOD slinging GBU12s. I have set Waypoints at targets and when starting my approach on the EHSD I press the Designate button to get the TPOD aiming at my waypoint. Sometimes the targeting is a little bit off, but the slew keys don't immediately do anything to where the TPOD is pointing. Pressing anything else seems to reset the TPOD or go back to DMT. All I want to do is to have slew control to9 move the targeting a couple of meters over. What key/HOTAS control lets me do that.? The only time I seemed to stumble across it the slew keys (HOTAS bind act
  5. Since yesterday's patch I can't get the GBU38's to come off the rails when pickling when the in range marker comes over my aircraft. First thing I noticed is that the range was no longer designated by the max and min range circles - now it is a red line with max and min tick marks. Then with Master arm on, TGTS T01 thru T10 assigned from the F10 map imported and applied to the GBU38's with Fuze set to INST, I wait until I am inside the red ranging line and hit pickle and nothing happens ... tap it multiple times, nothing, hold it down, nothing. I'm doing ex
  6. When you are looking for a multiplayer server you can click on the column heading to find servers on a particular map, ping response etc. However once you are in a multiplayer server and selecting a role, you cannot click on the column headings there to sort by Unit Type, Airfield etc. I hear this all the time on multiplayer where people are trying to co-ordinate to a particular airfield and then try and find an aircraft that they have access to. The two most obvious are, I want to fly from a particular airfield (near my buddies or near the enemy), or I have a Huey I want to fly, why
  7. Here is a 2nd example, right window of canopy shot out, visible from the inside, not from the outside.
  8. Small arms damage I suffered in my Huey is visible from inside the helicopter but you can't see anything if you look at the external F2 view.
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