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  1. What has happened? Latest information Interesting? More information can be found here Join our Discord Full mission briefing Mission Brief Sign ups closed Sign up List Want to partake in future campaigns, Tactical Tuesday, or Super Sunday? Don't wait! Come see what it is all about Magic, Tactical DCS Admin
  2. I have released a new promotional super carrier video, thank you eagle dynamics. thank you
  3. Fantastic 1v1 fights last night,
  4. Use as you wish, Regards, Magic windows keyboard test utility
  5. Hi, Beginning to get a little bit creative, second video ever filmed and edited, I defiantly need to work on my transitions from screen 2 screen, camera angles, but hope you enjoy it regardless. Critique of any sort would be appreciated :) Regards, Magic
  6. Hi, Taken a few screenshots tonight, I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to use as you wish. Thank you DCS for creating such a beautiful game. Magic
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