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  1. Have you checked your engine RPM switch is set to LOW?
  2. Ahh yeah I’d forgotten they could be fitted with the FMU-140 although in that case would they still have the PR/OP wires? I didn’t think they had the two fusing wires when used with 140s.
  3. I’ve never understood this answer as the MK20 has a mechanically timed fuse (not a barometric or RADALT) according to all the references I’ve found online.
  4. Chaders


    I’d love to see this happen but I’m not holding my breath. Until the. I’ll be found flying the current model in one of the excellent U.K. skins found in the library.
  5. Splash damage isn't as effective as it could be in DCS but the big issue is AI ground forces will still take extremely acurate shots back at you even as the world explodes around them. In reality APCs/tanks would be buttoned right down with very limited visibility if ever there was a threat of attack helicopters in the area let alone unguided rockets exploding all around.
  6. We’re just waiting on the patch to drop for us plebs
  7. Because a Cold Jet would always be chocked? Quite frankly I’m surprised this isn’t the default cold start settings for all DCS aircraft.
  8. Is it just me or is sling loading in the Hip far more unstable than in the Huey when flying on multiplayer servers? I have no issues using CTLD with the Huey slinging SAMs etc but in the Hip I’m always breaking the rope. I have no issue with the Hip in single player missions.
  9. Yeah TACAN distance is showing in feet o the HUD for me too after the recent patches. It’s making me learn my 6 times table ????????????
  10. Indeed, Vlof one of those speeds engineers worry about. Generally speaking as pilots of multi engine aircraft we only concern ourselves with V1, Vr and V2 (Vref and Vrot in military aircraft I believe). I’ve not found any takeoff (or landing) performance data for any of the modules in the documentation so we just give it out best guess and hope for the best. In answer to the original poster whilst it does need a lot of aft stick initially it doesn’t seem excessive to me. It’s also not unusual to have to modulate this throughout the rotation and into the initial climb. You don’t just set on
  11. Chaders

    Members age?

    47 only started DCS when my furlough started in March. Been simming in one form or another since I got my C64 back in the day.
  12. Just get a cheep mountain bike and spend the rest on your rig. The mountain bike will help offset the sitting around playing DCS ????
  13. Chaders

    80’s skins

    Awesome!! I’ll be downloading them right now.
  14. Chaders

    80’s skins

    Hi All, I’ve only recently got the A-10C II and absolutely love the aircraft. The Thunderbolt II has always been an aircraft I’m interested in ever since Visiting RAF Bentwaters as an air cadet and crawling over the A-10As back in the day. I know it’s not accurate but I was wondering if there are any skins available in the old ‘Europe I’ colour scheme?
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