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  1. I have this kinds of clouds in FC http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2624435/Reinstalled_LOMAC_Image_proble.html#Post2624435 also if i put the game to a full over cast i have the game crahs to desktock with an windows error message it say that is something with the weather.dll file. Sometimes the clouds looks good but if i go to heavy overcast them the CTD ocurr. My system is a AMD dual +3.8 GHz 2 Gb ram 8500 512 Mb Detonator 177.92 (thinking to change this drivers to see) ram win xp SP 3 my FC copy is running the 1.12b pacht i did a reinstall of the apliation but the
  2. Well I was regh i bought Flaming Cliff from here and i was looking to see my key to ask for some more installation because i got a virus on my pc and use the last one i have.
  3. i mean the lockon main page. I am reg to the black shark and it works fine.
  4. I would like to see the key number of my copy of FC but could not login. I have quite some time that i am not here, there is something i miss. or that page migrade to tsomewher else?
  5. I think a F16,f18 or f15E could be a good plane to fly with AFM something falcon 4 janes f18 and f15 doestn have. also if that come together with a new theater
  6. I have my trackir for almost one week it is fantastic i used to fly with the maouse using the microstick of my cougar but trackir is a must have buy it
  7. I have tried to open the site link but there but i got an error the site is no any more?
  8. whooo i was thinking it was real is a master work not just the detail also the paint work. the figures are a master work by itself.
  9. whooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice photos thanks!
  10. what should I say i better comeback to ghost recon :D :D
  11. Thanks for the link i seems that the interface is an advance interface from the new ghost recon and i think that jump between menbers of the team won´t be possible AS the new ghost recon. I hope there is no mission like the one in the new ghost recon Take don´t two assualt helicopters with 5.56 mm gun. As you could imagine I play ghost recon up to there is something i don´t like of the game... It is good in some aspects but have its negative points.
  12. i love rogue spear but lockdown was sooooooooooooooo easyyyyyyyyyyyyyy soooooooooo arcadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that my question is where i could see that E3 video to see if i have a minimun of fe ;)
  13. I think is right. Chavez is doing a doctrinal change in venezuelan armed forces, the SU30 is one of those changes, I think Lula and the brazilian military are aware of it. Chavez Main focus is to cut the venezuelan military, politicals and i think also economical "in cosmetical" tides with the United States. Also the fear he have is a possible military intervation from part of the USA in Venezuela. That could be in a way similar to Noriega case and as the thing develop that could happen. His is talking about a defensive war up to now. in the international scene I think Venezuela is gettin
  14. That is not solve with more cops, I would say is a pandemic problem. Is not just in brazil, Is in all latin american, too many poor people. some times too few opportunities. some of these people move easy to crime activities looking for the easy money. Or simple they could not have a decent work some time because they could have the opprotunity to study and hope for a better future. It is a complex problem, but you will find that in a fabela in brazil or a Barrio in Venezuela or Colombia. Poor people with few oportunities and social programs that in most of the case don´t work it out. T
  15. hey man you know!!!! thats right that is a question i am doing myself He belive is the reecarnation of Simon Bolivar. jeje saludo bolivariano
  16. i am looking forward to it the the paint job here is us vietnam camo stile. will blue or green ...... lets see....
  17. There was personal of our air force for almost a year in russia doing training.but i was thinking it was for some helicopters but turns out that they where in sukoi. I have nice that is marry with an air force member (ground crew) I am waiting for this guy to return to know which vertion of the plane is.
  18. Well is official our president anounce it today. I saw a post here about the posible sell of ours F16 in favor of the su 37 or something, i imagine that you guys would like to know We will received the firts parts of this shipment before the end of this year the next part will come in 2007. At the moment they have not say how many aircraft they will buy. Two Su 30 will be coming for our independence day parade of 5th july lets see if they do some acrobatics there jeje the pilots on the plane will be venezuelan. If is posible i puit a link for a picture of the parade.
  19. Well guys i live in venezuela, and yes he say so. But it was because US don´t like to sell spare parts for the f16, they was looking for some kind of miliatary envargo, US politics doesn't like him and the true is that me either :( .They are not talking about upgrates to the planes, it is out of the scope. by the way The ones we have are f16A block 25. not the mid life upgrade on then AFAK. But seens that now U.S. will sell the spare parts also will do it until 2009.This is just political stuff :( to stop the selling of the planes. but any way as far as i know there are personal o
  20. I did it on MP with a spanish guy, three SU33 to one tanker. It was the 1.02 vertion of the game, you won see the basket but it is possible to hook up. to do it fly using the waypoint circule on the HUD, keep it center wacht your speed to . the basket will appears when you are about to hook up. I have not try that on FC
  21. Ironhand S! I start with flanker family since the 1.0 vertion and i remember his trainnig track for flanker 2.0/2.5 vertion and then the tracks for loma.... a long way in the case the new comer didn´t know it. evading a long range sam (S300) missile with the ortagenol roll ;) in flanker 2.5 between others. yeah a long way. Iron you are one of the most helpfull guys on the sim community S! I have to say that i have learn alot from his tutorial Ironhand for president :D :D
  22. OFP what a memories i have........ i have seen ... there is much more units whooo... :D this one would be a blast....:) :D any way i dont think that we could compare this two game. The action in lock on is mostly on the air a high detailed terrian would be nice but most of the time you won see it. Because you are on the air 2000 meters or nap of the earth in either cases you are going to fast or too high to see it well. In armed assult is diferent the focus armed infantry, there you should have a highly detail terrain pleases were to hide look for cover and so. there you are a tropper
  23. I use to fly to fly the su 27 on line, i was wondering how to use the expected target range. I was loking for it in the manual and it only said that the just to put the exepected range of the target ???? nothing else. My question is how to use it? this improve the way the radar detect the target or not? also there is an expected aximunt set too ??? By the way there is a way to speed up the radar cursor on the Su27 somne times is too slowly Thanks!
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