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  1. I just got the Reverb G2 and am a first time WMR user. I noticed that there is a very significant strobe flash effecting during the Role Selection Screen load and the pre-flight mission Briefing screen load that is very uncomfortable. Does anyone know the cause and fix? Didn't experience this when I was using the Quest. Thanks!
  2. When you click Finish, don't close the Config Window. Go direct to Profile edit then paste the copied keywords. I think closing the Config window will clear your clipboard.
  3. The Huey has 3 radios, UHF, VHF and FM, when using the Select 251.0 voice command while pressing the UHF PTT, I'm able to tune the UHF radio. But I can't do the same for the VHF and FM radio. "Select tunes radio" and MLT is selected, Easy Comms off. Anyone has any idea how I can use Select to tune the other radios?
  4. [Resolved] Turns out that the problem was between the chair and the joystick. The Alpha scroll wheel was working fine. Just that in DCS, besides mapping the up/down scroll to Kneeboard next/prev page, I had also mapped it as mouse scroll up/down in the UI Layer category. And since I fly in VR, mouse controls are always active, so the Alpha scroll wheel inputs were interpreted as mouse scroll inputs instead of Kneeboard next/prev page inputs.
  5. Hi, I've mapped the Constellation Alpha Scroll Wheel to the Kneepad/Kneeboard Previous Page and Next Page in my aircraft but it does not seem to work in the Cockpit. VPCJoy Tester indicates the Scroll Wheel is activating the logical buttons they are mapped too. In DCS FA18 Control Mapping, it recognises the buttons when I map them to the Kneepad Prev/Next Page function, next to the "[" and "]" buttons. But it does not change the Kneepad pages in game. I've tried mapping the Scroll Wheel as "Encoder Scroll", "Encoder Scroll (Buffered)", "Encoder Dial", "Encoder Dial (Buffered)" in
  6. Height above target is an important parameter for the aircraft to accurately compute the impact or release point when conducting unguided bomb releases. Would like to know how the FA18 in DCS is getting these inputs so that I can improve the effectiveness of my CCIP / CCRP bomb releases. Thanks!
  7. Thanks to the guys that did the testing and provided Hollywood with the logs that enabled the problem to be identified! The workaround works for me too.
  8. Yes it does. For the rest that dropped into this thread: So basically go to the Vaicompro website, download the AIRIO Dialog extension, place the AIRIO.dll inside the downloaded zip file into your \VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOMPRO\Extensions folder and the "Take [xxx]" Menu item select command will work again until Hollywood comes out with a permanent fix.
  9. [xxx] Deleted. There's another thread on this issue already.
  10. Hi everyone, New user to VAICOMPRO and just got the Pro license a couple of days ago. Been enjoying it very much with DCS. Would like to check if VAICOMPRO is treating the Aviojet C-101EB and C-101CC variants as the same aircraft module because the radio set up is different for each variant? I've noticed that on the VAICOMPRO Config LED Panel, the radios show the EB radio configuration (AN/ARC-134 VHF and AN/ARC-164 UHF Radio), even when I'm flying the CC Variant (VHF-20B and the V/TVU-740 V/UHF Radio). While VAICOMPRO works perfectly with the EB, I am unable to use VAICOMPRO "Sele
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