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  1. Hi Viper, There's an issue with kneeboards. If you amend a .cf plan and then save it. Then export to a .miz file, it includes an outdated Kneeboard folder. Even if you manually delete the kneeboard from the .miz and then export a saved plan, an earlier kneeboard is recreated (with the wrong info). To be certain that the kneeboard is created with the correct data, you need to export the .miz, then independently create a kneeboard and export to the same .miz or you end up with a kneeboard relating to the wrong flight timings! Hope that helps Keep up the great
  2. Hi Viper Happy New Year! When browsing the "Flights" tab of the "Mission" panel, expanding a flight to view causes the whole tree for all units to expand. Then, selecting an individual waypoint causes the whole list to shift as that item is relocated to the top of the browser window for every selection you make. It's quite disorientating. I think you should be able to expand a single flight and select individual waypoints without the tree sorting in any way (as other panels seem to do). A simple fix I suspect. Cheers
  3. That's what I thought - for some reason, although the modules are installed and active, there is no "Options-Special-NS430" icon. Hmm
  4. I have the base module installed. I have the SA342 module installed. Both show in the module manager but I don't seem to be able to make any of it work at all. Unfortunately, there seems to be no guidance at all on installation/troubleshooting .... I'm presuming that there should be an icon along the bottom of the home screen? ... and an entry in the "Special" tab? I'm not sure ... but there isn't. Have tried uninstalling them, reinstalling in a different order, uninstalling any mods etc but with no luck. I can't find any associated key bindings anywhere either. An
  5. Yes - I've just had this issue. You can see the shadow of the Molniya but not the boat itself, unless you move it a couple of hundred meters away from the quay. BOAT.trk
  6. Great work! A couple of minor issues; If you re-import a mission that already has a kneeboard created from CF, it doesn't delete the previous Mission Cards - so you get 2 sets of mission cards. In other words, the original mission cards are not overwritten if you create a newer, updated set. Also, importing a mission with a set TOT, the import doesn't seem to pick up a set 500kt inbound speed from IP to TGT. Rather, it's interpolated the speed between the 2 fixed time points, ignoring the GS at the TGT fixed point. Of course, the effect of this is that all the interpola
  7. Of course - but I'd have to change the models in a mission before importing, then change them back again after. At the moment, CF ignores the Hercules. If it could be included, that would be great
  8. The Anubis Hercules is becoming one of those "must have" add-ons. Any way of including it?
  9. Yes - using a mouse left handed would be an advantage. In my case (and many people I suspect), I don't have a central stick that could be grabbed with my other hand. I realise this limitation. Having said that, I'm still surprised by the number of settings that need to be adjusted in the heat of battle - radar in particular. It seems surprising that the convention seems to be that radar displays default to the right hand side. The left display would seem easier to manipulate whilst flying. I would think that constantly pulling a few G's would make "just reaching up" far
  10. Great to fly ... but how do they operate the F18 without a third arm?? Every 3 seconds there's another MDI PB to push. After the A10, it's a flippin nightmare. I love the way AG or AA selects selects radar on the other display ... just so you have a few more buttons to press! Ah well, maybe that's why I never became a Hornet driver ;D
  11. Ah yes - I keep forgetting about VR!
  12. You are aware you can alter the brightness ... or change it to night (orange)? I simply have the brightness rocker bound to left and right cursor keys for rapid adjustment. I haven't found a situation that I couldn't adjust the HUD intensity for.
  13. When creating a kneeboard, it seems that altering the co-ordinate system only alters the bullseye location. The waypoint co-ordinates stay as Lat/Lon. I'm sure the previous update altered these - it's the behaviour I would expect?
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