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  1. I agree with the basic gripes about the training missions, additionally sometimes you can foobar something so that a control hook is missed and then you need to restart and do it over hoping that you do not screw it up again. It would be nice if eagle dynamics would create downloadable missions, maps and brief html and tranining missions that were also kept up to date. Sure everyone says, create your own but for me at this point that is yet another learning curve that I dont want to undertake until I have some combat pilot chops. Also I should add that it would be nice if eagle dynamics had
  2. Hey Derammo, I just had a light bulb click on concerning what you are trying to do. Could you send me copies of the default F18 RWR script files? Yes I have my own but im pretty lazy about backing up the originals, so I would like to test my idea with an unadulterated set....
  3. Hey, Well I've only been flying DCS for about a month now, I've owned it for about 3 but spent 2 of those messing around with building my own headtracker before I threw in the towel and bought TrackIr ( glad I did or I would probably not be here now, lol ) So what I have posted is really the very start of me playing with rendering external viewports. I flew tonight with the RWR modded as I outlined above and I immediately noticed that on my exported RWR screen the boat indicator symbol does get rendered correctly. If you look at RWR_ALR_67_Common_definitions.lua you will see function
  4. Thanks. Good to meet you! First off let me say that Helios looks pretty great! I have not yet played with it but I have spent some time looking at the captzeen website and the work that has been done on that looks pretty cool. Im headed in a similar but simpler direction, just looking at instrument functionality vs the high quality visual effect that you get with Helios. This is really my first time down the rabbit hole with LUA so Im pretty unclear on variables are available, and the scope in which they exist. That being said I think the answer would depend on exactly how helios is w
  5. I did some experimenting and have some questions which I posted in this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4430822#post4430822
  6. So I usually set an MFD to display the RWR output because thats about the only way I can glance at it to get a quick situation assessment, being a rookie. I started playing with exporting the RWR to a viewport on my second monitor along with the 3 MFDs that you can easily export from the F18 and immediately ran into the blurry blob display. I spent some time tinkering around and this is what I have discovered. The RWR seems to be rendered like a regular 3D object, using simple draw commands for the circles and then treating the aircraft indicator marker fonts as a 3D object to be display
  7. Hey all, I'm wondering if there is a way to center trackir using a modifier key, the same way that modifier keys work in the controls input configuration section. I currently use the trackir software to trap keyboard keys for recenter and the trackir software will let you use a single joystick button but I have not seen a way to do it with a modifier key. Any ideas? Also for those on the fence about getting track ir IMHO its well worth the money. I tried building my own setup, 3 different versions with various LED flavors and they work. The value in trackir is in the software, it is
  8. In your log I see that DCS correctly selects the channels. What I find strange is that in the broken case on my machine DCS selects a different channel ( channel 0 ) and then gets a windows return HRESULT of invalid argument. Not sure why DCS decides to use channel 0 ( which I guessing is not a valid channel number ) instead of 1. In any case I bought a pair of logitec headphones w mic and the sound works perfectly through those now.
  9. So until I discovered DCS my gaming was strictly confined to XBOX and computers were for other things. Im currently playing DCS ( and loving it ) on my work machine which is home with me due to covid 19. I happen to have an unused Dell R720 with 128GB ram and dual Intel Xeon E5-2640 6 core 2.5GHZ processors. Anyone have any experience running DCS in a Linux KVM \ QEMU virtual machine with graphics passthrough? My understanding is that a lot of people get great throughput for 3D gaming in KVM, even enough to support running 2 Virtual machines on the same box with passthrough to
  10. Im actually playing DCS on my work computer since I've had to bring it home for the covid crisis. It has realtek HD audio using the default OEM drivers that ship wth windows 10 and a plantronics desktop telephone also default drivers. The telephone was my sound device as I dont have any desktop speakers at home. Today I went out and bought a logitec USB headphone and mic and its working great so far. I looked at your log but I dont see an error so it must be from when your sound is working correctly.
  11. First off, well crap. I now have no sound at all even after trying my trick and restarting the PC. I double checked the preferred output device in windows and in DCS to no avail. I have a realtek high def audio device. I did try uninstalling realtek software but that made no difference. One thing that is interesting is that in the bad case the log indicates using 0 channels and then throws a Windows HRESULT Invalid Argument. In the good case it shows using 1 channels and works. couple of questions. Do the devs watch this forum for bugs or should I report elsewhere? Can ei
  12. I think I use DCS stable, not sure pretty new at this. You can avoid rebooting using the workaround, and you can quickly access the properties dialog of your audio device by right clicking your speaker icon in the systray and selecting troubleshoot.
  13. I just upgraded to DCS DCS/ Now when I exit the game DCS is somehow hanging on to the audio device. This does not affect audio in other windows applications but it does result in no sound the next time I launch DCS, I will have no sound. I can correct this by opening the properties dialog of the audio device, going to the advanced tab, and clicking the Test button. This will prompt a warning about audio device in use, clicking Yes will generate a test tone. ( see attached png image ) DCS will again work for 1 game cycle but after exit the next time you launch you will have no s
  14. That was more than helpful!! Have you done any of the missions so could provide input into how complete they are? Thanks!
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