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  1. Hi all, I recently discovered this bug whilst making a USN skin for the viper. On the nouse bort number, the 'background' it seems to take for MAIN_1 is taken from the opposite sides of the texture from where it should be taken, screenshots and lua attached. On main_2 its fine. Thanks for looking into this. description.lua
  2. You will be happy to hear that I am working on those, compatible with the CFT's. I will make it with and without the Arizona tailflash.
  3. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/myfiles/ Sorry! thank you so much, i appreciate that a lot!
  4. Hi! Thanks for the compliment. However, I'm just the texture guy with no 3D skills, but there is talk internally about the feasability of multiple tailcones.
  5. Hi all! I made a template for the amazing CFT mod by Virtual Zeus Demo team (Scoobyon). For this i counted all rivets, so I hope its accurate Included in the template are ofcourse the Diffuse, roughmet and normal layers. The normal layer is highly detailed to include scratches and the bulging seen on CFT's. Hoping you will like it, feel free to leave feedback! All I ask when using this template is to credit me in the .lua Download it here: https://mega.nz/folder/yK5wEJzA#cbyGfPpNTEC5VHjcAGNpSw
  6. I already told you, but looking very good!
  7. Thank you man, your compliments are much much appreciated!
  8. Roughmaster

    Dutch F-16's

    Hi all! I recently dove in and made some F-16 liveries for the KLU or RNLAF. For these skins I added the remainder of the reinforcement plates found on MLU vipers (the Belgian Air Force only has tail stiffeners on top of the fuselage) and added a panel I only see on KLU vipers. I loved discovering how they weather, and how it differs between sqn, hope you enjoy! It was also my first time using dynamic bort numbers, exciting ;)
  9. Hi Everyone! I reworked my nozzle modification completely to more resemble a Pratt and Whitney engine. For this second round of 'nozzlejob' I extensively modified the normal map to make the exhaust petals smaller whilst still maintaining the 3d models 'flow'. I started from scratch with the petals and weathered them up to look worn. I hope you will enjoy it, I will soon retrofit all my skins with this new nozzle!
  10. This new tail for FA-116 was unveiled only last week so I tried to recreate it very quickly ;) Apart from the flashy tail this skin is the first I release that has all the BAF Mlu reinforcement plates on the fuselage and wings. Thanks to a great collab with Wolfthrower this is now the most correct and accurate Belgian Air Force viper ever, featuring all the right stencils in all the right places and a ton of missing panels were added! I hope you enjoy!
  11. I like their look man, as you already know! ;)
  12. I'll hit you up on discord!
  13. Hi All! In the progress of making our block50 look a bit more like a MLU viper I've added some panels to MAIN 3 that were missing. Ofcourse I had a ton of fun afterwards weathering them! These panels have their own normal maps. I hope you like them, thery will be added to all skins in a large 'mlu' update ;)
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