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  1. When switching to the TGP/WPN PAGE (when the tgp/weapon is powered on) on the right MFD the game crashes to desktop, after multiple updates and repairs the issue remained. On the left MFD no crashing occurs. Weapons used: AGM 88, AGM 65.
  2. Hi all, I'm working a set of HAF skins for the Viper, CFT compatible, the first one being a HaveGlass V wearing HAF bird (which is why the Ghost camo is still light), for the 336sqn Mira! Looking forward to your feedback!
  3. Looking very nice my man!
  4. I love those, looking incredible.
  5. Looking very good dude! I love seeing my plates on them.
  6. Nice touch with the tape. Did you normal map it in?
  7. Contact wolfthrower
  8. I saw it, thank you for that. I have an update for this pack coming soon with some other addtions, and that fix will be included!
  9. Hi! Leave it to the Dutch to put a URL on the tail of a viper, sjeezs! ;) In all seriousness: 322sqn is known for their mascot, a living parrot and their tail arts always reflect that. This cool scheme was made for their 60th anniversary in 2003 and recreated for DCS by in every little detail. The livery is compatible with Scooby's CFT mod for the extended tail cone, but can also be perfectly used without. The base skin of this scheme is based on my J-063 Mig killer as its the same plane and I hope you will enjoy the weathering on her, as well as the sexy black rims!
  10. Unveiled only three days ago and now in DCS for your pleasure: this amazing scheme by the Belgian Air Force celebrating the 75th anniversary of the BAF. This is a very accurate recreation of the colorful paintjob, with highly detailed weathering. I hope you will enjoy this beauty,looking forward to your feedback. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315637/
  11. Thank you man! I spend a ton of time on that haveglass look, so its amazing to hear it looks the part!
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