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  1. No luck Maverick, thanks for the suggestion though!
  2. Hi everyone, I have been having issues having missions populate in the Web Gui. I have searched the forums and have been unable to find an answer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled dcs/server on two different driver to solve the issue. I am thinking it might be a saved games path issue? I can host a server on the client no issues, and have hosted a dedicated server in the past so I am unsure. Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks! Hallsy
  3. Agree, not too many viable redfor groups!
  4. I was looking to find a group based on MEU focused on LHD/LPDs and the deployment of helos/harriers and hornets. I haven't found any groups doing amphibious ops/CAS modeled this way. Let me know if anyone would like a harrier driver!
  5. I agree it is crazy. I have made small missions but lack the time to dive deep enough to make a dynamic campaign. Would be awesome to replicate the conflict with numerous factions on the map and have AI traffic making the bases seem alive. I'd love to operate out of Khmeimim and patrol Syrian airspace, intercept recon aircraft, strike insurgent locations etc. Would be great if there were trigger zones that would scramble fighters if violating Turkish, Israeli etc airspace. Guess we will have to wait for the dynamic campaign engine to drop.
  6. This would be fantastic. Much smoother then DCStoGPS I bet.
  7. We get Palmyra, Raqqa and Aleppo! Most of the hotbeds right there to my knowledge. Plus, all of the Syrian army installations around the map are fantastic.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Has anyone else thought about putting together a "dynamic" campaign based out of Khmeimim? I feel like we are lacking a lot of Syrian Civil War scenarios considering we have a Syria map. I suppose its time for me to get better with the mission editor!
  9. Hallsy


    I agree it would be a great add. I often want to just fly in a support role for a change of pace. Would be great doing logistic runs to airfields on pgaw etc.
  10. Hey everyone, I am looking for a squadron that focuses on red force aircraft. I am making the transition to glorious Soviet/Chinese air frames! Shoot me a pm :pilotfly:
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