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  1. Cool, thanks so much. I added you to my ignore list and it worked. All in the name of science of course. :lol: (And in my further defense I did remove you afterwards. :music_whistling: ) I have to say though that this feature is hidden pretty well...
  2. Is is possible to "mute" a user, that is either hide their posts or show them initially in a collapsed state, when selecting a thread? I've looked around and even searched the forums, but I haven't been able to find anything on that.
  3. Newbie question about TacView: The combat videos that Growling Sidewinder (and others) post on youtube usually contain a TacView analysis of the fight (e.g. at the 10 minute mark). What is this "3D view" called that they are they using and which version of TacView do I need to analyze my own flights that way?
  4. I was all set to go with the VKB Gunfighter MCG Pro, but then I cam up this review (apparently by you, Aurelius): http://jaytheskepticalengineer.com/fathering-and-hobbies/flight-simming/flight-sim-gear-reviews/vkb-gunfighter-mcg-pro-mk-ii/ Your review mentions that the grip is too large, even for your larger-than-average hands. My hand length (middle finger tip to first crease at wrist) iis 19.7 cm, which is 1.4 cm shorter than yours. Does that mean that I should avoid this grip? If so, would VKB have another better fitting grip that it still okay with its features? Or should I forget about
  5. Small note for the dev team: On the first carrier in the video with fhe upward-sloping ramp (Kutnesov?) the planes suddenly jump lower, when they leave the ramp upon launch. Now I realize that the planes might drop a bit in altitude due to their low speed, but it probably would be a bit more gradual and not quite as jumpy. This one looks as if suddenly the launch altitude from an American carrier (w/o the upward sloping ramp) is used
  6. May I ask what VKB set you have and how it compares to the warbrd (and whatever grip you have been using with it)?
  7. Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I wouldn't have any problems with putting two items in my shopping cart and ordering them together, but right now the base and the grip are only available at different times. So it would be two separate orders, two times shipping cost and no combo discount. :cry: Yes, I want to go with a mount in the near future. I would order Virpil's mount right away, if only it were available. I could get a CM2 base and put it on a lower stool, while contemplating what mounting solution to get. But then I guess I'd still need some base plate to mount the C
  8. Thanks so much for your in-depth replay. I hope you don't mind a few followup questions. It seems that they have the Gunfighter MCG Pro in stock, but not the Kosmosima Premium. That probably makes the choice easy, but if you happen to know both, what are the reasons (other than availability) to pick one over the other? Also I see that the Gunfighter comes in three different lengths. Am I correct in assuming that the longer ones just omit the base plate and add an extension? I see that 100mm and 200mm extensions can be purchased separately. Any reason why you recommend the
  9. Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I hope you don't mind a few followup questions. :) Ok, good to know that it'll work. And it sounds like I always could get an extension (e.g. from Virpil or elsewhere), once I have a mounting solution. Cool, I didn't realize that. Then that would save me some money, if I order a Virpil base right away. Well, I'd be a desktop user for at least a little while (while I settle on a mounting solution), but I'd like to go to such a mounting solution sooner rather than later (say within the next 2-3 months). Do you recommend the WarBRD b
  10. Hi all, After a few weeks in DCS my old CH Fighterstick USB is slowly giving up, the first button stopped working yesterday. So I am looking for a new joystick. Since I have a Virpil CM2 Throttle on order, I would have likeed to get their CM2 base with a matching grip, e.g. the MongoosT50-CM2 grip, but it seems that - when restocking - they have either the base OR the grip in stock and I would need both (and don't want to order them separately). Also at the moment I only have a desk setup, so the Mongoos grip is probably not the right one (since they say that it's not suitable for desk use)
  11. Thanks so much to all who responded. In the end I decided to go with the MFG Crosswind. If the Virpil pedals would have been available, I might have chosen them, but since they're out of stock, the decision was made a bit easier.
  12. Their rudder pedals don't appear to have a toe brake (not counting the "virtual toe brake" in Windows), so I ruled them out because of that.
  13. Actually I'd be very interested in the Virpil paddles, however I ruled them out, since the supply situation is ... aehm.... "precarious" at best.
  14. Thrustmaster TPR vs MFG Crosswind Hello, I'm fairly new to DCS World, have dusted off my old CH Fighterstick USB and ordered a cheap throttle (before deciding on a good one to get). With rudder/pedals the choice seems to be a bit simpler, so I'd like to order a decent unit right away. After doing quite a bit of research I'm looking at either a Thrustmaster TPR or an MFG Crosswind, but I'm not really sure, which one to get. It seems that both do their job very well and their owners generally have very good things to say about them, so it's probably more about nuances than about major f
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