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  1. Interesting review as to why the USA 0.50 cal were the best solution for the USA versus the European solution of cannons. It was more than good enough for the task in hand and combined with superb training won the war over Germany and the Pacific. The USA did try them in the F4U but it was poor reliability due to lack of development that was the reason for their lack of success. Possibly the USA had ignored the canons for too long https://youtu.be/AQS6Ub5ekFE
  2. This article may help some of the discussion. My thoughts are the MG131 are over powered in DCS based on their ability to damage even medium size planes such as the A-20 http://users.skynet.be/Emmanuel.Gustin/fgun/fgun-pe.html
  3. Warspite fought at Jutland, Battle of Narvik, Battle of Cape Mapatan, and was even at Normandy. “During her service career Warspite lived up to her motto, enduring shellfire, bombing, ramming, mines and a guided missile”
  4. As an owner of both the VKB Gunfighter and the Virpil Base - VKB is that little bit better, the clutch adds damping and it is that bit smoother. The Ulimate is more money yes, but it is worth it in terms of quality. I have had both and would only recommend the ultimate it adds more features and the option replacement modules but feels really good. Sorry for interjecting in English in a German forum, i just wanted to share my English experience .
  5. VKB Gunfighter Mk III with the MCG Pro Ulimate
  6. For me I enjoy the Anton, I have flown all the warbirds through the P-51 Vegas Tour in Mission Editor and the fastest was the Bf-109K4 followed by the Anton. Keep the energy up and it will manoeuvre down low and is smooth and responsive on the controls, let the energy bleed and it is a dog - though not as bad as the P-47. It has great fire power and is a challenge. I cannot dogfight at all, but I really enjoy the Anton responsiveness and ruggedness. That said the Dora has the R4M Eric Brown was really impressed with the A4, yes I wish we had the A4 with less weight as
  7. You do not mention budget - a key factor in this hobby MFG Crosswind with Hegykc pedal and damper modification are the best - see forum posting https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/257933-mfg-crosswind-combat-pedals-and-hydraulic-damper-mod/ In the base case the MFG Crosswind are the best pedals, though there are postings that the slaw pedals are in fact the best, Aurelius did a review on here but appears to have disappeared https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/207407-slaw-device-rx-viper-v2-rudder-pedals/?tab=comments#comment-207696 So the MFG are the best, b
  8. Easy answers - I never regretted buying it as previously I used it in Prepar3D where the plug in is really good and very tuneable. During this time I was using the VKB Gunfighter wiht DCS which whilst good was not immersive in comparison and then the Arduino solution became available and it has been several months since i have even started Prepar3D (again I think MS FS2020 has curtailed that development). Now that I have FFB effects in DCS and even IL-2 I use DCS pretty much all the time, but I also use IL-2 again - not in the same league as DCS but for simple fun with a wide varierty of plane
  9. The analogue brake lever for the Spitfire and Migs is not easy. I use the F16 grip and use the paddle switch in gentle taps - to be honest with all Warbirds I use gentle taps on the brakes as they all are easy to tip over. The VKB MCG Pro is much better in that regard. Regardless Taxiing a Spitfire is very very hard
  10. I have never had any thermal issues, and I fly warbirds pretty much all the time, the reason I believe this is, is that you are not giving major full scale inputs to the grip/base small subtle deflections are required combined with rudder control to maintain energy management. The missions are not long - so far, typically around 30 minutes or so. Maybe that is another factor. In prepar3d longer flights again with Warbirds/F-86/F-100 generally around 90 minutes and no thermal cut out, so not an issue. No idea how helo controls are used whether the inputs are small or large over an extended peri
  11. For the warbirds and hydraulic actuators you get the feedback from the stick as to what the plane is experiencing on the control surfaces. Buffeting, prior to stall, wing drop etc fantastic. The stick moves, a significant amount pitch and roll, on my application i have a 10 cm extension and the total travel is around 8 cm in each plane at the top of the stick. The effort or force can be adjusted via the native Brunner app, and also the Arduino app developed by Chuls In the native Brunner App each force effect can be adjusted, but currently in the Chuls Arduino app only the total fo
  12. I use the Brunner CLS-E exclusively in DCS for warbirds and early hydraulic jets - by exclusively I mean I have stopped using other Simulators it is that good. The Brunner interface app has not changed/improved and was and still is really useless it only simulates force with no effects What made the difference is an application developed using an interface controller - this has transformed the experience. See the forum link https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/251148-directx-adapter-for-brunner-ffb-joystick-almost-ready/ The Brunner has no benefit for late f
  13. Too many Virpil Controllers to manage across multiple modules - the CM3 Throttle, Control Panel 1 and Control Panel 2. I took the original posted CM3 Template and created CP1 and CP2 template to match - at least I hope I have. Trying to keep the same controller button for the Warbirds to aide in failing memory. In my own configuration I have set Encoders to Axis as well, useful on CP2 for analogue trim on warbirds and set the analogue axis to buttons on CP1 for the mixture control for the P51 and the Spitfire, but have not added these yet Virpil Control Panel 2 Tem
  14. IL-2 is not as sophisticated as DCS and appears to limit the number of input devices that it will use. Go to the input devices folder and open the devices.txt document. Mine is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\data\input Is the Arduino listed? Mine is listed as device number 6. Step 1 If the Arduino is there is it listed as the same number as the axis for Pitch and Roll in the button mapping settings. If not I simply swapped the start number for the Arduino (in my case 6) to the axis that is listed in the butt
  15. You really don not need to read the readme.md and install the brunnerdx.ino. Download the msi file from https://github.com/jmriego/brunnerdx/releases Run the msi file that will install an interface program like the screen attached, Run CLS2Sim.exe with the Remote Control Enabled for the TCP Server Port and the External Control via the UDP Server Port, make sure that he CLSim IP and the CLSSim UDP Port numbers are the same as in the BrunnerDX interface program, e.g. and 15090 Detect the port for the Arduino Run upload firmware, this sh
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