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  1. Supercarrier is awesome but when you hit the deck more shaking and knocking required. Check out any cockpit view of an F/A18 landing and its a violent event. For me the whole catching a wire is way to benign! - just saying!!!
  2. Any news on this guys? I primarily use the left DDI. Would be great for the 5m Marshal as setup
  3. It seems you need to be at MIL on touchdown or EGIW occurs!
  4. Anybody know where the DCS SUPERCARRIER landing grading code breakdown lives? Thanks in advance...
  5. worth a look? https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Carrier_Air_Operations#LSO_Grading
  6. Good news dude! Couldn't we edit the airfield and use the IFOILS mod? Thanks for the reply.
  7. New to DCS but loving it! Why do I loose my on-speed AOA just before touchdown on an airfield or carrier in the Hornet? Any way to switch off the text "USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) " that always over the carrier as its a distraction when landing. unchecking subtitles just isn't doing it! Some guys are creating new terrain/textures. Any way to edit airfield textures to indicate a FCLP box at Al Minhad. I'm quite good with photoshop! Any multiplayer sessions out there that do carrier qualification sessions? Thanks in advance. see ya out there !
  8. Hey guys! This texture stuff is exactly what I've been looking for. How do you edit scenery textures? Would it be possible to modify an airfield and add a FCLP (authentic) in conjunction with the meatball mod? Hell even without the lights would be awesome. SERIOUSLY GUYS its been too long a wait for a dedicated FCLP in DCS. In the Persian Gulf I've got my eye on Al Minhad as a great site for a FCLP box/IFLOLS. Just saying. I've got a background in graphics if that helps!
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