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  1. Well its been reported forever and there's still no fix. The Lod distance is like 20 meters or so before you get extremely bad flickering soft shadows. At this point its just not acceptable. So excuse my language when i say what the f are you doing ED when you cant fix or at least give us a shadow lod distance option? Tree shadow res and such is a flickering mess too and we have to install Kegetys VR mod to fix it. Why cant you add this to the game? Added multi-sampled terrain shadow sampling (less aliased shadows with MSAA) – Added alpha-to-coverage support for trees and tree flat shadows (less aliased trees with MSAA) There's so many issues with easy fixes that are just not acknowledged and completely ignored
  2. Hi there Got some questions about a conversion as my FFSB r3 decided to just die for practically no reason (second hand, out of warranty) and i do not wish to pay 415+ eur when i can fix it for 30-40 using some strain gauge amps and ardunio. While ill loose the software there's not really many axis features in the FSSB software that i cant program in ardunio in a few days. Just the angle shift really. While im fairly sure i need 4 amps is it possible to get away with 2 amps with 2 gauges connected? What ive noticed on the ones ive tested (and now lost track of so im unable to test ) is that there's a fair amount of noise even with 10x filter in MMjoy2 using these https://www.ebay.com/itm/183934688576 Would a capacitor in between the gauge and the board be fine? If so, what would be sufficient? Or any suggestions for amps are welcome. As you can see its easy to just tap into here and just use the FSSB hardware.
  3. Hello Nvidia 3090 all drivers. Default shadows. Assume all are maxed out. This issue is causing immense flickering and shadow draw issues. It may or may not be related to my other issues. I can also observe this very sharp transition from good shadows to bad shadows in X plane but the range is about 2-3 times that of DCS from the cockpit. The high res shadows are being rendered only marginally in front of the aircraft and main focus seems to be behind It seems to depend very much on angles. From behind or in the cockpit its quite bad but if you turn the camera from the opposite side then everything seems just fine. Its as if things are somehow reverse. I see the same on my Nvidia Laptop. I dont know if this could also be related in some way to my other AA issues Long version. You can see it on trees, the walls and pretty much everything.
  4. Im going to add this a couple of places as im assuming very few actually bother to read this. This is quite impossible to miss really. The shadows and im guessing other details as well given all the AA issues and such i have seem to render at really low res outside of 10-20 meters causing extreme flickering. 3900 SS 4x AA 16x AF All shadows high and default. Short Long version
  5. Fantastic work! Ill be building one asap to replace my MSffb2
  6. Ive been thinking about doing my own FFB using motor controllers or possibly some servo motors but wasnt sure if i could do the directX ffb stuff. Would you mind if i had a look at your Ard file?
  7. Probably not right away but i hope they will add support for it. In the meantime ED could have things ready
  8. A video really cant do it justice but here you go. Its just a really really bad experience in VR at even 4x AA and 2700 SS and Ultra clouds. Its not all the cloud layers but these are just awful. Combined with a jittery Pimax will have these flicker like crazy all the time.
  9. Presently on my 5900X and 3090 i am quite GPU limited in the resolution and graphic options for VR (Pimax 8kX) and even if you are CPU limited being able to crank up the graphics options and have double the res and not to mention AA for the same performance is something ED should implement as soon as humanly possible. This is actually huuuuuuuge for VR.
  10. Hello Windows 10 multiple versions. First computer. i7700k 1080 TI all drivers Second computer. Completely new system. msi tomahawk x570, 5900X, 3090 All drivers. Worked fine for 5-6 months. Then boom. Tested in 2d and multiple VR HMD Ive decided to make a new post here in the hope that some light can be shed on this issue. This however is nothing the end user can fix nor DCS but there needs to be pressure to have this issue fixed. I no longer think this is an issues with anti aliasing but rather something underlying. This is also reinforced by the fact that i can do 6000 super sampling (and that is fixed so steamVR does not reduce it or limit) and it wont really make a difference. You do however notice a difference when setting it very low. So is it somehow limiting the texture/line size so you cant fix it? I do also think this is more common that people realize but may not notice so much in 2d. I remember especially thinking when a guy said to me for spotting in VR, Jaggies, alive, no jaggies dead. Taking HMD and SS into account of course i thought. Ok well i dont really see any jaggies so i cant use that. Boy is it different now. And no its not something i just suddenly noticed and cant un notice. The difference and boiling picture is rather extreme in the HMD: I have made a post in VR issues before back in 2018 and some updates on that but it warrants a new post. This is something that has happened overnight (the difference is huge) and the only commonality between the cards is that both has been used for bit mining. I do however not see that in other cases around the internet. I've compiled some videos but i can give more examples if needed. From another person. There are multiple around if you search for broken AA but this is the best illustration of the same issue. Its like something just stopped working on the transitions and give jagged reflective lines which any amount of SS or AA just wont do anything about. Doing a tilt test here. When tilted its what everything used to look like pre issues. If i tilt the camera about 45 degree you have a little bit of shimmer. Level and its a shimmer mess. It just feels like the picture is boiling inside the HMD. 4x AA 3900 super sampling. Tons of issues which again tilting the HMD does help. Here's a 2d video with 4x AA and while YT compression does reduce it a tiny bit you can see there is lots of shimmer especially in the shoreline and ridges in the distance. Video of the screen 0x AA Absolutely atrocious. Video 4x AA. Its better but not by much Works on some but marginal difference on the white line marked by pointer. Growing and shrinking white line top right. Mouse pointer flicker. AC 8x AA 3500 SS. Hud and lines flicker like crazy. Same with the white writings/spray textures on track on the Nordschleife. Same deal as runway textures etc in DCS.
  11. Might be you have an issue with AA two (which quite a few has without knowing) There's a fair few reports of AA stopping working or not working properly and its extremely visible in VR. Happened on my 1080TI and then i had a new system which was fine for 6 months before it suddenly was a night and day change. Ive heard other guys say, new system fine for about 6 months and then whack. Every ridge edge etc is a boiling/shimmering mess and it has not been an issue at all. Runways are obnoxious and i could fly just fine with 0x AA and 3500 super sampling before. AA does mask it but does not seem to work on a lot of these lines. Disregarding that for a moment. Then is also something to do with sharp line and texture edges and such which is especially visible in VR and developers have to think about it when they create things. This is the ones we seem to be most plagued with. https://forum.unity.com/threads/white-jagged-edges-based-on-angle.491775/ "This one is caused by the thinly rounded edges and Fresnel reflectance. It's shader aliasing, which MSAA doesn't handle. As an edge becomes parallel with the view direction it becomes more and more reflective. At parallel it becomes a perfect mirror. In the real world this can never really happen since something parallel to your view can't be seen. In computer graphics this happens all of the time since the surface normal is coming from normal maps and interpolated vertex normals and not necessarily the geometry facing." Here's on the AA issue that has to do with AA only working right in exclusive fullscreen https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/games_windows_10/update-in-windows-10-broke-msaa-anti-aliasing/e74d45e3-8b43-40c2-92b8-be7965b979b6 Vid from that thread.
  12. View ranges in general are horrible but these tree's growing even when you are directly on top of them is quite annoying.
  13. If you want the best then you got the Varjo XR3 with human vision in the center amazing lenses and around 100 degree FOV with no foam on. https://varjo.com/products/xr-3/ There's some reviews of the VR 3 cheaper version here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChLDzAfTbE7hv0ipGTkHV2Q For very wide FOV the Xtal https://www.xtal.pro/product/xtal-8k-virtual-headset Then you got the Pimax 8k X 4k and massive FOV for normal consumers which i have myself but this is not plug and play. A lot of people get eyestrain and its PITA to fix and sometimes impossible as you have to tune in multiple dimension for each eye. Or you could be totally fine out of the box. You just dont know https://pimax.com/product/vision-8k-x/
  14. Ive been going trough the net again looking at this issue but of course no fix. It really does seem like a systemwide windows issue. I came across this one which illustrates my issue very well but since things also looks so much worse with 0x AA there has to be something with the rendering too that is not working as it should. My picture is pretty much boiling in VR with the constant movement ant its just a horrible experience. The odd thing is that the old FS2004 in exclusive fullscreen has the AA working in the video below. Sadly my fs2004 Cd's are broken so i cant test it And the post. He has reported it around various forums. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=141370&p=242753#p242753 And a playlist i made with various footage from DCS and other games
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