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  1. http://radikal.ru/F/s52.radikal.ru/i138/0810/b5/603f594ecee1.jpg.html from this pic i dont think that we will have f 16 flyable in the future i think you got it :) maybe i am wrong
  2. i have seen that over my house is a beast russia help us with fires on summers
  3. i dont think that is necessery, you add russian as alternative language as i have done with greeks on english xp right?
  4. i want the su -27 with detailed 3d cockpit!!!
  5. could you buy me the russian and after the english version? :) my sweet fellow :)
  6. will you accept prepaid visA? i dont have paypal i dont trust paypal nor the bank account on the net
  7. yes what about the internet release ? logicaly must be faster cause the manual will be in pdf can you answer pls ty
  8. i hope to accept prepaid visa and open the shop here :)
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