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  1. Squadron: Leading Edge Timezone: 14 - 21z ( weekends ) Aircraft: F/A-18C, F-16C, F-14 Maps: Caucasus, Syria.
  2. Hi Damien! I'm Order #5795 from Feb. 4th. Do you have an estimation for shipment? This nipple thing is killing me ^^' Thanks!
  3. @Alpenwolf When you say " Make sure the view options are set to "false". " Are you talking about : those option in "miscellaneous" ["f5_nearest_ac"] = false, ["f11_free_camera"] = true, ["F2_view_effects"] = 1, ["f10_awacs"] = false, Or those ones in "difficulty" ["optionsView"] = "false", ["spectatorExternalViews"] = true, If you ever pass by, I'd highly appreciate for you to develop, my hairs are thanking you by anticipation!
  4. Hi there! As said in the title, I'm trying to set some Farps and get them captured by destroying all units there, and dropping troops, using triggers to set a message when captured. So far it works, BUT: The farp icon on the F10 map stays of the colour it was in the 1st place. Has any of you found a way to get it to change? I'm struggling on this since a few weeks now, and I have absolutely no idea why it won't work... Thanks!
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