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  1. I wonder... no tester is seeing this problem? Any retinal conflict is pretty obvious and annoying in VR.
  2. Now that you mention, I also think that the glow of the clouds when the sun is behind them is exaggerated. It seems to take a lot of clouds to stop the glow of the sun from coming through compared to real life. Although it may be that in real life I just don't stare at the dazzling glow of the sun when the layer of clouds is too thin to stand it. Actually, I'm not comfortable anymore with this kind posts based on "feelings", but just in case ED finds it useful, there it is.
  3. I just did a track with the latest OB. What I see when I play the track is what I described above, and same as OP. I don't know if it may be different for others. yak52turnind.trk
  4. I re-discovery this lately. All these years I thought that the turn rate indicator was not implemented but actually it's working. It's the instrument failure simulation that is reversed for it so the turn indicator is disabled when the instrument failure in the rear cockpit is off and enabled when instrument failure is on.
  5. As far as I can tell the propeller effect is fixed with yesterday's patch and propellers are looking more beautiful than ever. Edit: Nope, still there
  6. I guess not. I didn't saw that before though. Anyway, it's pretty safe, I think. Backup the original just in case. But it's as easy as adding or removing the comment slashes.
  7. I think it happens only with non-native SteamVR headsets. If some Vive/Index user could confirm that would be welcome.
  8. average_pilot

    FFB trim

    I asked some time ago but got no response. It's not a game-breaker, it doesn't upset me, I understand than it's an irrelevant feature in the big scheme of things... it's just than I really like FFB just for that, trimming, and it's the reason I've been dealing with the shortcomings of using a FFB joystick for a decade and a half. I'm that weird. So now that I also have the Mig-19 I thought about trying my luck again. No sarcasm, no demands, actual respect, just humbly asking.
  9. It also seems to be better just commenting out the line 167 from current patch's airscrew.fx //acc.xyz += atm.inscatter * acc.a;
  10. I don't expect any game to deliver 90fps to a VR headset during a mission load, and it's one of the reasons why there is a VR compositor running concurrently all the time, but that's not the point. The point is if it is possible for the VR runtime to be notified by the game that it is going to do heavy load tasks like allocating gigabytes of textures in the GPU etc. so that the VR runtime handles the situation in a way that it's nicer for the user.
  11. Exactly. Around that time Valve added this feature so that when the game stops sending frames the compositor shows the last sent frame in the grey room. That could have been a neat feature, but it doesn't work as expected, at least with WMR headsets. I wish I could disable that somehow without reverting to some old SteamVR version. Anyway, what I'm asking is, when the game knows as a matter of fact that it's going to stop sending frames for a while (like mission load) if there is some utility in the API to report that to the VR runtime and make the whole process smoother for the user, like sending you to the grey room and stay there without fade-ins and outs nor frozen frames flashing in you sight. I don't know what to think. It is as if Valve and Microsoft no longer really care and all this little details that detract from a good experience in VR and a perception of quality as end user, are no longer looked upon.
  12. Without knowing anything about it, maybe the parallelism between both problems (visual effects that has less quality in VR than in 2D) means that they have the same cause and will be fixed simultaneously. But what I fear now is that this parallelism results on neither of this problems resolved in many years instead. :/
  13. I think I made them disappear. See original post.
  14. At certain view angles there is like white haze on top of the propeller effect only in the left eye. I'm pretty sure it wasn't happening before last Thursday's patch.
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