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  1. I totally agree. It can be very time consuming to get accurate placement with the mission editor as it is at the moment.
  2. I hope so too. I have nearly finished the book and I can’t wait to try and reproduce some of the missions described by Will Laidlaw.
  3. Its one year since I participated in this conversation and I now have my 3080 graphics card that I was desperate for. I am much happier and VR is much more enjoyable however it is still a compromise with details needing to be reduced and still struggling for steady frames on some maps and missions. Like others I do not feel I am getting the full benefits of my graphics card in VR. It seems now that upscaling is becoming more mainstream and is offered by both major graphic card vendors. Surely it is a technology that ED must be seriously looking at for DCS and VR. It would be good to know this is on their roadmap for future developments. Waiting for the next generation of graphics cards or headsets is frustrating when there is an existing "software" solution that would give us the extra performance now. DCS is an amazing experience in VR but it could be so much better.
  4. Thanks - I hadn't seen your Hind thread. Lets hope the eventual fix resolves the problem for the Mi-8 as well.
  5. Hi. Just came across this thread when I noticed the same problem tonight. The Mi-8 immediately looses engine RPM when placed on a ship leading to complete engine shutdown. Move the helicopter to a ground take off site within the same mission and there are no problems. I am fairly certain this is a new bug because some old missions I had with ship take offs are affected by this and are now not playable. Can others reproduce this? test.miz
  6. Maybe there is some expensive luxury seating in the rear cabin in the civilian version
  7. Thank you. I can’t imagine the effort and difficulty in producing these guides. Your work is appreciated.
  8. Check in the special options menu and ensure that the “control helper” setting is not selected.
  9. Yes you are correct. I have been holding the trim button down, fine tuning for stable flight with the cyclic and then releasing the trim button. I hadn't consciously realized this until I followed your example. I suppose this is "muscle memory" from flying the Ka-50 in DCS. A short press and release of the trim reproduces the attitude change you describe. A hold of the trim, fine tune the cyclic and then release the trim gives no attitude change. I suppose the above happens because of the interplay between the AP channels and the trim. When you press the trim and release the AP channels are switched off and on quickly. I imagine this quick off and on of the channels causes the over correction you describe. The difference with the hold and release method is that you have stabilized the attitude with the cyclic. On trim release the autopilot channels come on again but because you are in a stable attitude their input is almost zero -therefore no overcorrection. I don't know whether the above is the way we are supposed to achieve a stable trim in the Hind or whether it is still bugged. I am going to go back to the Mi-8 now and see how I actually trim that - I am now unsure whether I do a quick trim press or press and hold! Please bear in mind I know nothing about the real Mi-24P or helicopters in general so the above might be all wrong. However the hold trim, fine cyclic correction and release trim does seem to work and makes achieving trimmed stable flight possible which is an improvement from what we had before.
  10. Central position trimmer mode on both Mi-8 and Mi-24P.
  11. Strange I didn’t have any such problem and found hovering easier because of the cyclic trim working correctly. Did you have the yaw autopilot channel switched on? If it is on you will get rudder pedal input showing even with the rudder trimmer option deselected.
  12. Yes it seems to behave in same way as Mi-8 trim functions. No more lurching! I had a quick fly this evening - a much more pleasant experience.
  13. Thanks - I hadn’t realised it was related to the absence of the moon. I cheated and just edited the mission to daylight
  14. I haven’t played much on the Caucasus map recently because the Syria map is so good. However I went back to it this weekend and it looks so much better than I remember. The combination of the new clouds and lighting effects plus the new textures really bring this map to life and make it a pleasure to fly on in VR. While Syria still sets the standards in DCS the Caucasus map no longer needs hang it’s head in shame. Many thanks to those involved in the recent updates.
  15. Make sure you deselect "Control Helper" in the Special Options menu. This caught me out when I started with the Mi-8 recently.
  16. Thanks for the notes. It seems a lot easier to land than the Mi-8 which is a pleasant surprise. The main difference seems to be the Mi-8’s love of entering a vortex ring state while landing whereas the Hind seems a lot more reluctant to do the same. However I have got use the the Hips great visibility during more vertical/hover landings. The Hinds more enclosed cockpit does add that extra challenge when landing in more enclosed spaces. Loving it so far and I haven’t fired a weapon yet!
  17. Reported in this thread and acknowledged by Bignewy.
  18. Bignewy, Here is a simple track file of a mission. It is a single Mi-8 vs a single insurgent on the Caucasus map. On my system during take off and flying I maintain a steady 80fps in this mission. Once I fire continuously with the gun my frame rate drops dramatically to less than 10fps. Once I have flown over the target it quickly returns to 40fps for a few seconds and then back to 80fps. I hope the track file helps demonstrate the problem we are describing. Thanks. FPS check.trk
  19. I noticed this last night when playing some Mi-8 missions. I have a high end system that can easily maintain 40fps in VR with ASW on. Firing the gunpods for a long burst turns my system into a slideshow. As Gryzor says rockets do this as well. If this year is going to be the “year of the helicopter” in DCS then this bug needs fixing. Tactics with the Mi-8 and Hind involve lots of close up combat that relies on getting a lot a weapons on target in a single pass. This rocket and gun bug makes VR play very unpleasant to say the least. Has this even been acknowledged as a bug yet or is it simply a game engine limitation?
  20. What a shame. Everyone who develops missions for us to download needs our support and encouragement. DCS would not be half as much fun for single player users without these missions. Don’t get too disillusioned cfrag. I am sure there are lots of users who appreciate the efforts you and other mission makers put into these downloads.
  21. No problem. It drove me mad for a day until I figured it out. Like you I did not turn it on - I think it is on by default for some reason.
  22. In the special options menu for the Mi-8 untick the “control helper” option.
  23. Thanks. Played Haifa last night and it seemed to work well. Crashed on my 5th challenging landing though Will have a go at Adana next. Need some more Mi-8 practice. The work you have put into this shows. Thanks for all your effort.
  24. Has anyone noticed that when using the highest zoom setting in VR the jittering almost completely vanishes?
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