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  1. Have been trying the SU-25A recently with no problems such as this. I am sure you have tried this but it takes repeated separate presses rather than continuous presses of the keys to move the glass. A single press only moves it a few millimetres as you describe. P.S A big thank you to Ian Christie's YouTube series that got me interested in the SU-25.
  2. I don’t know of a written guide but I found Suntsag Ancient Gamer’s YouTube series called “Mission Builders Sanctuary” an excellent introduction to mission building when I started with DCS last year. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL56M8zQ0bxUMIJuD4D1Ijr-8bTvh36am5 P.S In answer to your question about SAM sites - use the add template function in the mission editor. I think there is a built in template for a Russian SA-10 SAM site but you can create your own templates anyway. Suntsag has a video on how to do this.
  3. Warthog Hotas with no modifications as cyclic and collective with G27 racing pedals as rudder. I thought after reading the forums I would need to modify the Hotas with a change of springs or an extension but it is very controllable with a stock setup. Maybe from a purists view it is not how helicopter controllers should feel like but I will never fly a real helicopter so will never know the difference!
  4. I couldn’t face learning another full fidelity plane at the moment so was wondering about trying a FC3 plane for the first time. Then I found your SU-25 videos so the choice of plane was made for me. Thank you!
  5. I started with the original Flanker 1.0 many years ago. Stopped playing flight sims about 10 years ago but always was aware of the existence of DCS. My wife bought me an Oculus Rift S as a present last Christmas and after messing around with titles from the oculus store I wondered what flight sims would look like in VR. Remembering that DCS was “free” I decided to download it. I was blown away with the VR experience and haven’t stopped playing since That “free” download has led to multiple module purchases, a Thrustmaster Warthog hotas and an incoming Ryzen 5900X+NVidia 3080 system
  6. I am certainly not suggesting upsetting the other camp as my example of iRacing and Nvidia demonstrates. AMD users were kept happy but Nvidia users were slightly happier! I agree NVidia’s market dominance and performance lead will probably not continue for ever. Let’s hope the release of Big Navi exceeds everyone’s expectations. I myself have no brand loyalty and have switched between Intel/AMD and NVidia/AMD before. However given the current market position I don’t think there is much onus on Nvidia to help with the adoption of an open standard no matter how laudable that aim may be.
  7. Is this still true? If so it seems a very odd attitude when nVidia has a significant majority of the market share for dedicated graphic cards. Nick Grey talked about about a new render engine that is in development. As statistically most DCS users are likely to have nVidia cards they would not be doing their customers a service if they do not use nVidia technology to its full extent in the new engine. VR in DCS is really not good at the moment and it needs to use any technology available to improve its performance. I come from iRacing and I don’t remember users complaining about nVidia spec
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