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  1. Does the server remove the autopilot features from aircraft? I'm using the huey, and the keybind that I have set up has no effect.
  2. The Search and Rescue server seems to be able to disable Autopilot for the Huey. Pressing the bound button has no effect.
  3. I had no idea! Recently, his son, Robert J Goebel Jr put up a website to preserve his fathers legacy. There are new versions of the book available too (audio, e-book, etc)! https://mustangace11.com/ Really nice work on the skin!
  4. Excellent work on the skins! They look beautiful! Would it be possible to add another 31st Fighter Group? The Flying Dutchman, HL-N, tail number 418500. Flown by someone I once knew, Lt Col Robert Goebel. It will be 10 years since his passing on 2/20. I'd make it myself, if I knew how!
  5. {path}\DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Input\FA-18C\joystick Edit your Default.LUA file to include these lines: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Special input for 3-pos 2-signals switches on joystick F/A-18 Thrustmaster -------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- { down = SMS_commands.MasterArmSw, up = SMS_commands.MasterArmSw, cockpit_device_id = devices.SMS, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('Master Arm Switch (special) - ARM/SAFE'), categ
  6. I just want to chime in that I received my slew upgrade and pinky switch about a month ago, and I LOVE how they've fixed up the throttle! My pinky switch was broken from day one out of the box, it worked forward and backward, but also had vertical movement, not as much as the horizontal, about half, and it was loose in that movement. The new switch is of much higher quality, and I'm grateful that you've made it easy to attach to the throttle, I really didn't want to solder, even though I could, but that would mean taking it to work to do it. I also appreciate the little tool provided for
  7. Pretty helpful video. Still unable to do this without almost destroying the tanker.. What are your curve settings at? Got a warthog here, and end up bouncing all over the place
  8. When switching VP to use VSPX Processing, it tells you to go to the Editor Tab and click FINISH. Then when you do that, a new dialog box opens up telling you to go to the Edit Profile in VA (Pencil Icon), then when in the profile locate and double-click "AI Communications" command (category Keywords collection) and clear all existing keywords in the "When I Say" field. The problem is I cannot locate a double-clickable "AI Communications" command. I see an AI Communications description. I can see a column labeled "Spoken Command", but not an AI Communications command that contains all
  9. I WISH it was that cheap... I ordered this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/F18-Hornet-Custom-Plates-for-Thrustmaster-Warthog-HOTAS-Throttle/164043139284
  10. I have purchased a set from the Australian maker. It's on it's way. I had to add some lines of code to the "Special for Joystick" section of the FA18_C default.lua with the help of LeCuvier, in order to get the Master Arm Switch, Gear switch, and Interior Wing Fuel Inhibit switch to work on the switches chosen by the guy who laid out the labels. Now just waiting for them to sail across the Pacific..
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