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  1. Its such a shame Iraq doesn't have any terrain. Is these any plans on adding this in the future?
  2. Mission 1: after the first 3 flights we hit the hard deck, went to reset and saint just disappeared, happened twice now and can’t continue with the mission.
  3. I agree with you’re comments on the Raven one mission. When flying towards Basra I was pretty excited, to be met with a couple of tents in the desert was a real disappointment. Sedlo’s missions and campaigns are great. Another good single mission is the Iranian weapons plant strike.
  4. Cal1664

    AAR basket

    Would be great if the basket didn’t automatically detach and fly past you upon reaching a full top up.
  5. OER was amazing, really loved Sedlo’s eastern friendship, as it stands those are my top 2 atm. Looking forward to Sedlo’s bold cheetah, would love to know a planned release date. Currently on mission 2 of Raven one. I’m like the the training sorties added in but do hope for some complex missions later on in the campaign.
  6. It’s working as is now, no idea what happened earlier. Thanks helping out guys.
  7. I've selected a TGT with WPDSG and now I cannot de select it using the undesignate / NWS button. Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug ? Im on the latest OB. regards CAL..
  8. Raven one is on my list, but I feel like I need to read the book first.
  9. Already played Exigent riviera, it’s was great. Can anyone recommend any as good as that plus points would be with knee boards and cold starts. Also any recommendations on really great missions. Thanks.
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